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Emma had her very first dance recital tonight, Sunday, May 22nd.  I posted several pictures of her in her recital costume several weeks ago when she had pictures at her dance studio but I thought I’d post a few more from the actual event.

I must say, I definitely had my first really “Nervous Mom” moment as I waited for Emma to take the stage tonight.  She was so nervous when I left her backstage- she didn’t want me to leave- even though one of our very good friends from church was the Stage Mom backstage and had brought activities for the kids to do.  Emma was very overwhelmed and she had a look on her face like she was about to fall apart.  I was able to successfully get her distracted, I gave her a quick hug and kiss, told her I loved her, then left the back-stage area to go sit with my family.  I was sitting there thinking- “Is she going to make it out on stage?”  ”Is she bawling her eyes out?”  I said several small prayers for her sweet nerves.  When the curtain opened for the 4th performance of the evening out came Emma with her class- 10 girls in all in cute Teddy Bear costumes.  Emma had a huge smile on her face and I breathed a huge sigh of relief!

Now- I won’t say the performance was perfect- Emma didn’t even stand where she normally does!  She stood on the opposite side and appeared lost at times.  But I was SO proud of her!  Proud that she did something so independent- without Mommy. Proud that she came out of her shell and was performing!  Proud that she has learned so much in Dance this year!

This first picture was taken during the rehearsal which was on Saturday at 12:30.  Emma was taking it ALL in.  She was watching all of the different dancers in the different costumes- she asked me hundreds of questions about what was going on.

IMG 9664  1


I got Emma all ready for the recital on Sunday afternoon and we ran in the backyard to take a few quick pictures before we had to leave.  Here’s a picture of Daddy and Emma before the recital.

IMG 9764


Mommy and Emma- she was all giggles!

IMG 9783


IMG 9772


Poor Foster hasn’t been feeling well for the past several days.  He was finally better today- but still kind of puny.  He stayed home during the recital with a sitter.  Maybe next year he can WATCH the recital in person?  I doubt it!

IMG 9775


The following pictures were actually taken during the rehearsal on Saturday.  They pictures crack me up- the girls are all doing their OWN thing in every picture!  That’s kind of how things went during the recital too. :)  Emma is in the middle for most of the following pictures.

IMG 9686  1


IMG 9685  2

IMG 9686  2

IMG 9692  1

IMG 9698  1

IMG 9700  2

IMG 9703  1


“Shuffle Stomp… Shuffle Stomp…” Emma had been practicing this at home with Nana

IMG 9705  1

IMG 9708  1

IMG 9709  1


This picture was during the Grand Finale at the actual recital- Emma is on the far left waving at the audience- that is SO unlike her!!!  We were cracking up.

IMG 9795


Emma was very quiet after the recital.  When she came outside to greet the family she hardly talked to us!  I think she was very tired.  Daddy gave her some beautiful roses and she barely looked at them.  She was very interested in eating her ballerina cupcake.  I’m thinking she hadn’t eaten very much all day long because she was nervous. :)

IMG 9809

IMG 9810


I’m very sad that I didn’t get a picture of our entire family after the recital- Emma was in a very funny mood and didn’t want to be in any pictures!  We are so thankful to our family who came to support Emma.  They waited in line for an hour for a seat, sat through a two hour performance- all to watch her 4 minute dance!!!  Thank you to: Nana, Greant-Aunt Judy, Uncle Brandon, and Great- Uncle Ron for coming.  We love you!

IMG 9831

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