Foster’s First Real Haircut

We waited SO long for Foster’s hair to grow… if you’ll remember, he was BALD for a long long time!  Right about 1 year, Foster’s hair just started growing and growing- mainly in the back. :)  He was kind of growing a mullet.  So we decided it was time for a trim.  Mr. Will in Tulsa works wonders on busy, crying toddlers.  Foster played with the toys in his shop for about 10 minutes before sitting in the race car chair.  He was kind of tearful for the first minute and then he just chilled out and kept trying to watch Mr. Will.  Nana came along for moral support.

I almost cried when Mr. Will was done- he looked like such a big boy with short hair!  He even spiked it up a little bit which I loved.

Enjoy these pictures from Foster’s first real haircut.  But first, check out that bald head!!! Do you see a little bit of blonde hair there?  I loved rubbing that little head.

IMG 8341


IMG 9572

IMG 9575

IMG 9577

IMG 9578

IMG 9579


IMG 9584


IMG 9588


Bye bye Mrs. Will- we’ll see ya nex time!

IMG 9591

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