Last Day of School

I can’t believe that today was Emma’s last day of school!  It was actually supposed to be last Thursday but due to the blizzard in February we went one week longer.  Emma has had such a a great year at Redeemer- I really can’t say enough great things about her school and teachers.  She learned so much and loved going.  And she made some really sweet friends.  Next year she will be going to Pre-K at Jenks Southeast in the mornings (we hope) 5 days/week.  It will definitely be an adjustment but we are looking forward to it!  Foster will also start going to Mother’s Day Out next year 2 mornings/week in the mornings.

Here are a few pictures of Emma on her FIRST day of school this year and then today, on her LAST day.  You can definitely tell that she has grown this year!

FIRST DAY: August, 24, 2010

IMG 1579


IMG 1589


LAST DAY: May 19, 2011

IMG 9628  1

IMG 9630  1


A couple of pictures from the playground when I went to pick her up today on the last day- looks like she’s having fun!

IMG 9637  1

IMG 9638  1


This picture breaks my heart- she was so sad to leave today.  She ran inside to her classroom and just stood in the middle of the room looking around at all of the bare walls.  She is a big thinker and I know she was thinking, “I’m gonna miss this place!”  We will definitely be getting together with some friends for play dates this summer!

IMG 9643  1

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