Library Time

Well school is officially over and I have been busy packing our Summer calendar full!  Not really, I want us to have a relaxing, fun summer with lots of down time.  But I know me, and I know my kids and we HAVE to get out of the house, preferably every day!

Emma and Foster both LOVE books so I’ve enrolled both of them in the summer book club and I plan to take them every week to storytime.


Our first library visit was last Wednesday.  Here are the kids outside of the library before going in.

IMG 9956  1

After checking out several books for Foster and several books for Emma we went to Conner’s Cove for Preschool Story time with Miss Kristie.  At first Emma was very shy and would not sit on the rug with the rest of the kids.  She sat on my lap in the very back.  However, 5 minutes into the story time Emma jumped up from my lap, walked to the VERY front, and sat down right in front of the librarian!  Sometimes she just absolutely shocks me!  She sat there for the remainder of the time and loved listening to the stories and participating in the songs.  She even asked Foster to come sit by her (so sweet.)  Can you see Emma in the picture below?  She’s right in front of the librarian’s knees!

IMG 9960

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