Memorial Day Weekend Fun with Friends

This will be a loooong post because we just returned from a very fun-filled 3 day weekend with friends in Allen, TX.  Our good friends, The Rowe’s, were gracious enough to host our family and the Kreys at their new house in Allen.  Their home is beautiful and we had such a great time!  We try to get together every year but it seems like everyone keeps having babies which really complicates the planning!  We went to Galveston with both of these families two summers ago and it was such a fun family vacation.  Both of these families went to Baylor and it’s so fun to reminisce about old times!  Now we have 8 children (ranging from 5 months to almost 5 years)all together which makes for a CRAZY time!

Here are Emmy, Emma, Foster, and Hayden eating breakfast the first morning that we were there.

IMG 9963  1


The Kreys arrived in Allen mid-morning.  It was so good to meet baby Hazel for the first time and Emma was so excited to see Elliott and Oliver!

Robin holding Hazel, The Krey’s new baby girl, for the first time.  She is so adorable!

IMG 9969  1


Emma and Emmy playing on the stairs!

IMG 9977  1


All four of the big kids on the stairs- too funny!

IMG 9981  1


Elliott, Oliver, Emmy, Emma- they look SO BIG!

IMG 0003  1

IMG 9991  1

IMG 9999


Foster (1 1/2 years old), and Hayden (2 1/2 years old)

IMG 9989


The whole crew walking to the park- I bet we scared people when they saw us coming!

IMG 0006  1

IMG 0010


Emma and Emmy reconnected and bonded immediately.  They haven’t really played together in 2 years!  It was very sweet to watch them together.

IMG 0014


Eating our picnic lunches.  Each child got to pack their own lunch by picking a fruit, a couple of snacks, and then a sandwich of their choice.  Capri Suns to drink.  Little did we know that it was going to be so windy!  The trash kept flying away.  It was a very humorous but fun lunch.  The kids loved playing at the park after lunch.

IMG 0018


Saturday evening the dads took the big kids to a new splash park that is close to their house.  Emma had a great time.  We cracked up when the girls came out of the rooms after getting dressed- they had the SAME swimsuit.  Jessica and I have very similar taste in a lot of ares PLUS we both shop at Target a lot. :)

IMG 0028  1


Saturday night was a bit wild.  Foster had a severe allergic reaction that kicked into high-gear about 3 hours after we went to the park.  We haven’t figured out if he was reacting to sunscreen or peanut butter.  We’ll be having him tested soon.  Poor Foster developed hives, a severe rash on his face, completely swollen lower lip, and he was coughing and drooling- all very yucky signs.  We rushed him to an urgent care center that was just 5 minutes from their house.  It was such a great medical facility- I’m so thankful for their good care when we got there.  They immediately gave him Benedryl, Steroids, and shot of Epinephrine.  He got better very quickly and it was such a relief to see him smile.  It was such a scary weekend but we are so thankful for good medical care, and to our friends for being so supportive and for watching Emma for us while we were with Foster.  I’ll update on what we find out about Foster’s allergies when I know something.  This was the first time this has ever happened to him and I pray that it’s not the start of something.  That night we kept him in a pack and play by our bed so that I could monitor his breathing and give him Benedryl every 6 hours.  I was on edge all night.  Thankfully, he did great through the night- with the exception of wanting to play at 3am- I think the Benedryl made him a bit wired!

Sunday morning the kids played in the front driveway for a while.  They rode bikes, scooters, played basketball, and they played with water balloons!

IMG 0041

IMG 0045

IMG 0053


IMG 0067  1

IMG 0072  1

IMG 0080  1

IMG 0097

IMG 0101


Foster opted to play inside most of the morning- he loved playing with the cars, the dollhouse, and the play kitchen in their playroom!

IMG 0113


Group party pic!  This is getting to be more and more difficult as more children are added!  There are some hilarious out-takes from this photo shoot.  This is the best one that I got!

(Lincoln, Emerson, Foster, Oliver, Hazel, Emma, Elliott, and Hayden!)

IMG 0169  1

IMG 0176  1

Sunday afternoon we ate at Dickey’s BBQ before saying goodbye to the Kreys.  They had to leave to head back to Waco and it was sad to see them go.  Sunday night we went to Gloria’s to eat dinner and it was a really neat atmosphere- we even got our own little private room- thank goodness because our kids were CRAZY!

Monday morning we got up, had cinnamon rolls, hung out, packed, and then had to say our good-byes around 11:00 to head for home.  Here are some pictures of the girls before we left.

IMG 0210  1

IMG 0220  1

IMG 0221  1

After leaving, we went through the drive-thru at In-N-Out Burger which was just 5 minutes from their house.  We waited in line for about 20 minutes which I hear is not bad at all.  It was well worth the wait- best burger and fries I’ve ever had!!!

Thank you so much to Scott and Jessica for hosting such a fun family weekend!  We loved your house and we loved getting to hang out with you even more.  Your kids are precious!  Thanks for everything!!

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