Mother’s Day Tea

Today I attended the Mother’s Day Tea at Emma’s school.  It was so special!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Emma’s school experience this year- she has loved going every single day and has learned so much!

During the Mother’s Day Tea the kids performed several special songs for “Moms” and they also sang a song in Spanish and a song about the 7 Continents.  Then Emma got to play the bells for the song “Jesus Loves Me!”  I was so proud of her.  She just kept looking at me with the biggest grin on her face.

After all of the presentations were finished she got to come sit with me.  While we munched on some yummy snacks we got to watch a slideshow of pictures from the entire school year.  It was so cool and really neat to see how much the kids have changed from the beginning of the year until now.

After the slideshow we got to make a photo frame craft together, get our picture taken together, and she gave me a booklet with several of her artwork pieces from the year!

Here is a picture of Emma walking out onto the stage- she spotted me and waved!

IMG 9493  1


Can you spy Emma?  She is kind of in the mid-right on the 2nd row.

IMG 9494  1


Here she is getting ready to play the bells

IMG 9496  1


Brooklyn and Emma

IMG 9501  1


Emma and her wonderful, amazing teacher, Mrs. Fondell.  She has been such a phenomenal teacher for Emma!

IMG 9500  1


Mrs. Phipps and her daughter Adelynn with Emma.  Emma LOVES Mrs. Phipps!  We have loved getting to know her this year!

IMG 9510  1


Ok, so funny story…. before the program started and the kids came out they had slides playing with the kids’ individual pictures and a quote from them about what they love MOST about their Mommy.  There were adorable quotes like “My Mommy sings to me when I go to sleep,” “She spins me round and round and we giggle,” “My Mommy takes me to the park and we have picnics,” “My Mommy is Pretty,” etc.  Then it comes to Emma’s quote…. I love my Mommy because she goes to work.  I almost died!  Really?  Is that what she thinks of when she thinks of me??? I work ONE day/week?  We do so many special things together!!!  Sometimes I think she says things for the shock value. :)  Robin tried to make me feel better- he thinks she meant that she likes that I’m a nurse and help take care of people.  Yes, that must have been what she meant!

IMG 9491  1

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