Mother’s Day

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures with my kiddos on Mother’s Day but we WERE together!

We went to Sunday School and church and then had a wonderful lunch at the Waterfront Grill.  I had a great day and felt so blessed to be a Mommy to 2 great kids.

Here are some answers that Emma gave to a survey about her Mommy in Sunday School:


IMG 9616  1

In case you can’t read the answers: (and my commentary in parenthesis)

1. Brush her hair (she is really really good at this and I love it!!!)

2. Play Dress up (true- she loves when we play dress up together)

3. Yellow (true)

4. Meatballs (I have a new recipe for meatballs, I guess she now thinks it’s my favorite food!)

5. Nap (SO, true.  I nap a lot.)

6. She’s already grown up (she’s so logical!)

7. When they got married (love this answer)

8. I make a silly face (she has a lot of silly faces)

9. 14 (just about 20 years off)

10. Me! (SO true- she knows I love her lots.)


And here are a couple of pictures of Emma and Foster playing nicely together- the best gift ever to this Mommy:

IMG 9622

IMG 9623

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