Mommy’s Ballet Costume

On Sunday night my Mom came over so we could “practice” fixing Emma’s hair for her tap recital and pictures.  After her hair was fixed and she had tried on her tap costume I remembered that I had my ballet costume from when I was 4 years old.  I quickly got it out and had Emma try it on.  It was really neat to find out that it fit her!  She had a great time dancing around in it.  You can definitely tell that this costume is from the 80′s era but I really love the hot pink and frills.

IMG 9326  1

IMG 9313  1


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IMG 9327

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May Day Play Day

Saturday, April 30th was the annual Preschool Play Day at our church.  I was very tired because I worked a double shift at the hospital the day before but we decided to sleep in a little bit and then go a little bit late.  Emma had a great time.  She loved playing in the sand box, jumping in the bounce houses, riding the plastic roller coaster, doing some arts and crafts, and eating some yummy Spring snacks.


IMG 9192 53



IMG 9176 47


IMG 9194 54



IMG 9179 49


Emma and Emily eating “dirt” (chocolate pudding with gummy worms)

IMG 9199 55

Surprise Party for Aunt Judy!

On Friday, April 29th we were invited to a special celebration for Aunt Judy at Bank of Oklahoma downtown.  They threw her a surprise party to celebrate her 35 years with the company.  People were shocked that she’d been there for 35 years because she looks like she’s about 35 years old!

Her co-workers wanted to make sure that Emma and Foster were at the party because Judy talks about the kids all the time and they knew she’d love to see them there. :)

Judy was very surprised- here are she and Emma right after she walked in…

IMG 9090


Yummy cake

IMG 9069 5


IMG 9066 4



IMG 9117


Foster conned several people into feeding him cake- I think he ended up having 3 slices.  Here is Uncle Ron feeding him cake.

IMG 9148


Nana feeding Foster cake

IMG 9157


It was a beautiful celebration.  We are so proud of Judy and all that she has accomplished.  We love you Judy!

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