Surprise Party for Aunt Judy!

On Friday, April 29th we were invited to a special celebration for Aunt Judy at Bank of Oklahoma downtown.  They threw her a surprise party to celebrate her 35 years with the company.  People were shocked that she’d been there for 35 years because she looks like she’s about 35 years old!

Her co-workers wanted to make sure that Emma and Foster were at the party because Judy talks about the kids all the time and they knew she’d love to see them there. :)

Judy was very surprised- here are she and Emma right after she walked in…

IMG 9090


Yummy cake

IMG 9069 5


IMG 9066 4



IMG 9117


Foster conned several people into feeding him cake- I think he ended up having 3 slices.  Here is Uncle Ron feeding him cake.

IMG 9148


Nana feeding Foster cake

IMG 9157


It was a beautiful celebration.  We are so proud of Judy and all that she has accomplished.  We love you Judy!

IMG 9057 1

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