Tornado Season

If you’ve watched the news you KNOW that the past month has been very bad in the way of tornados in the mid-west.  I feel so blessed that our family has been protected from the horrible storms and feel very heartbroken for those in Oklahoma and neighboring states that have lost loved ones and homes.  I really can not imagine losing a child, a parent, or a home in the blink of an eye.

I take storms very seriously- I watch the Weather on the news like a hawk and have my kiddos take cover at the slightest threat of severe weather.

Emma actually enjoys taking cover in her bathroom which happens to be the safest room in our house.  As we sat as a family of 4 in a tiny bathroom last Tuesday evening Robin and I talked about how we both have fond memories from our childhood of taking cover with our families.  What other time can you think of that your family is required to be together, in such a small space, and just be together?  It’s called quality family bonding!  I’ll admit that the kids got a little restless but Emma asked the following day if we could take cover in the bathroom again even if there wasn’t a storm.

Foster was fine in the bathroom as long as he had snacks.  He ate pretty much the entire time we were in the bathroom and I had to clean a lot of cracker crumbs out of the bathtub the next day! He was very tired as it was an hour past his bedtime but we made it.

IMG 9917  1

IMG 9913  2


Robin and Emma are the only two in our family who have bike helmets… here they are sporting their bike gear to protect their heads in the case of an emergency.

IMG 9924  1


IMG 9928  1


Robin passed the time by watching the storm on his iphone and Facebook updates.  What did we do before iphones?

IMG 9948  1


Sleepy sleepy boy!

IMG 9942  1

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