Fun in the Heat!

We are in the process of trying to fix up our backyard a little bit so that we can go outside more with our kids.  Our kids love to be outside and I know that it’s so important for them to get some sunlight every day and play play play.  We took Foster outside a couple of weeks ago and he acted scared of walking on the grass- that’s when we knew we needed to get him out more!!!

Tonight (of all nights- it was 99 degrees with heat index of 104 degrees!) we went in the backyard as a family and hung out.  Emma went into pretend world and took her babies and animals all over the backyard.  She also went down her slide a bunch- she loves slides.  Foster had fun pushing Emma’s pink lawn mower around- so manly!!!  We had a great time.

Foster got pretty sweaty so we had to come inside after about 30 minutes- Robin thought I had dumped a bucket of water on Foster’s head but it was all sweat!

IMG 0740 11

IMG 0733 7

IMG 0660 2

IMG 0669 4

IMG 0663 3

IMG 0677 1


IMG 0698 2

IMG 0704 3

IMG 0730 5

IMG 0732 6


IMG 0734 8

IMG 0737 9

IMG 0738 10

Looking forward to many more summer nights!

Father’s Day Dancin’ Fun

Emma LOVES to dance.   She has a little CD player in her room and she loves to play music daily.    On Father’s Day evening we all just happened to be in Emma’s room and a spontaneous dance party broke out.  This was the first time that Foster really showed in interest in participating in the dance party- he loved it!  Now, everyday he goes into Emma’s room, points to the CD player, and says, “I wanna D, I wanna D”  which means “I want to dance!”  It’s pretty adorable.

Here are some pictures from the dance party- some blurry, some dark, but all good memories.

IMG 0590

IMG 0591

IMG 0592

IMG 0594

IMG 0608

IMG 0611

IMG 0615

IMG 0623  1

IMG 0624

IMG 0625  1


And here are some videos from the dance party… you can hear Foster saying “Wanna D” several times. :)





Golf Lessons on Father’s Day

Ok, so not really golf lessons… just an impromtu hitting of the rubber golf ball in Nana’s backyard after Uncle Brandon brought his $5 pawn shop driver in the house to show off to us.

We had a great Father’s Day.  We weren’t feeling great on Sunday morning- major allergy issues for both Robin and me so we decided to sleep in and try to get to feeling better before heading to my Mom’s for lunch.  We went to Mom’s around noon.  She offered to fix us lunch and it was yummy!  Brandon and Judy came too and we had a great time.

Robin, Emma, and Foster on Father’s Day!  We had just come inside from playing outside, thus the red faces!

IMG 0577  1


The following two pictures of Emma really crack me up- she has never played any form of golf before.  She was very eager to try out hitting the ball with Uncle Brandon’s driver and she immediately took it and tried hitting the ball with a lot of force and gusto.  It was by far the most incorrect golf form I’m ever seen, it was so hilarious to watch.  After the first two pictures, you’ll see Uncle Brandon step in to offer some guidance.

IMG 0467  1

IMG 0468  1

IMG 0476  1

IMG 0477

IMG 0478

Uncle Brandon is such a good, sweet Uncle.

IMG 0492  1


Then Daddy gave Foster a little lesson.  I realize that Foster needs a slightly shorter golf club.

IMG 0521  1

IMG 0523  1

IMG 0524

IMG 0540

IMG 0542  1


I have no idea why I’m offering my kids golf instruction here, I’ve never played a day of golf in my life…

IMG 0547

IMG 0499  1

Pops and Gigi’s Visit

Pops and Gigi came to Tulsa for a quick visit this last weekend.  They got here late on Thursday night and left after lunch on Saturday.  Even though it was short trip, we had a great time!  Emma was so excited to see them on Thursday night and we knew they wouldn’t be getting here until 11:30pm or so but Emma assured us that she would “rest her eyes” on the couch so she could say hi to them when they got here.  We were shocked that she did fall asleep on the couch at about 7:30.  She woke up when they got here and got to talk to them for about an hour before we put her back to bed for real for the night!

Friday we had a leisurely morning after eating waffles for breakfast.  After hanging out we went to Cheddar’s for lunch and then I had to go to work at the hospital.  Saturday we had donuts for breakfast and then went to Los Cabos for lunch.  It sounds like all we did was eat… which is kind of true!  Pops and Gigi definitely got to see how “into food” Foster is these days!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Pops and Emma building a robot out of big legos:

IMG 0423  1

IMG 0411  1

IMG 0439

IMG 0441  1


At the Riverwalk after eating at Los Cabos.  Too bad Foster isn’t looking at the camera!  Thanks for visiting Pops and Gigi, we had a lot of fun!

IMG 0456

“The Truth Trail”

We just completed 3 days of Pre-Smak, “Preschool Summer Music Activities for Kids” at our church.  I taught Emma’s 4 year old class with my good friend Candace Baldwin.  We had a great time with the kids!  I really love watching the children sing songs to the Lord and I had a lot of fun teaching them some basic music skills.  We even got to make a box guitar and a canteen!  The kids traveled to 3 different rooms and then returned to our class for snack time. Each morning seemed to just fly by!

The theme for the week was “The Truth Trail” with a camping theme.  Candace and I had fun decorating on Sunday afternoon.  We also brought special snacks for the kids: Monday we had smores, Tuesday we had trail mix, and Wednesday Candace brought her homemade sugar cookies and icing and sprinkles!

I definitely determined that I could never be a full time preschool teacher- it is HARD work and I have so much appreciation for the people who teach for a living!  3 days was just about right for me!  Each day I came home and took a nap!!!

The songs that we sang in our room were “The Bible Says its So” and “All God’s Words are True.”

Wednesday night the kids traveled from room to room to show their parents what they had learned.  Robin traveled with Emma and took pictures.

The mural in our room:

IMG 0287


Emma on Wednesday night… have I mentioned on the blog that Emma got a new summer haircut?

IMG 0288


Getting ready to start our Presentation

IMG 0293


Playing our Trail guitars:

IMG 0301


Talking about quarter notes and quarter rests

IMG 0305


Being silly!  I think Emma’s name tag was twisted the entire night…

IMG 0321

IMG 0331


Emma is always right next to Mackenzie… she had so much fun with her this week!

IMG 0341

IMG 0342

IMG 0347

IMG 0351


Holding their Bibles proudly

IMG 0358

IMG 0359

IMG 0361

IMG 0367

IMG 0379


The last room they traveled to… looks like they got to sing while waving scarves!

IMG 0390

IMG 0394

IMG 0395


Following the performance there was a small carnival set up in the gym.  Emma was the first one into the gym so she got the tricycles all to herself.  About 1 minute after these pictures were taken the gym was filled with about 200 people.  We had almost 80 kids in Pre-Smak this year!

IMG 0403

IMG 0404

IMG 0406

Swim Lessons

Emma completed two full weeks of swimming lessons last Friday and I am very happy to report that the lessons were a success!  We have taken lessons at Miller Swim School for the last 3 summers (starting when Emma was 17 months old) but this year we decided to try out ORU swim lessons.  It was recommended to us by a good friend and I’m so glad we went!  Emma had to miss the first day because it was on Memorial Day when we were out of town but it didn’t seem to matter much that she missed.  They placed her in a class pretty quickly on Tuesday and I’m so thankful for her teacher, Jane Ann, who was a perfect fit for Emma.  She was very sweet natured but also firm- which Emma really needed. The first day was kind of rough.  Emma cried and reached out for me pretty much the entire time.  I found out later that Emma had to go to the bathroom and was afraid to ask her teacher and she was also cold in the water.  So, from that day on we made sure that she went to the bathroom right before she got in the pool!  The 2nd day, I begged Robin to come with us to help reassure Emma so I could chase Foster.  Robin came and Emma did fabulous during the lesson.  Then on Thursday they had their first “going off the diving board” lesson and Emma flipped out- literally.  She was running away from the teacher while walking to the diving board and at one point was flailing and flopping around in the arms of her sweet teacher!  I made the mistake of getting there early that day and she had watched about 10 kids cry while going off of the diving board and she said to me, “Mom, I’m not going to ever go off the diving board, ok?”  She did go off the board that day- with a little push for her teacher- and crying the entire time.  Friday she cried again when they went to the diving board but a little less hysterically!  Progress!

Monday Robin took Emma to swim lessons by himself because my Mom had surgery that day.  He sent me a text message during the lesson with a picture of Emma with a huge smile on her face and his message said, “All smiles after the diving board.”  Emma is such a Daddy’s girl- she feels so safe when he is with her.

The 2nd week Emma did great.  She actually looked forward to going off the diving board, she put her face in the water a ton, and even swam to her teacher on her own the last two days.  I was so proud of Emma.  Here are some pictures from the 2 weeks.

Can you see the nerves on her face in this picture before her lesson?

IMG 0241


My friend suggested that we get some goggles for Emma after she had such a rough time the first day.  She was complaining about the water going in her eyes when kids splashed and kicked.  She loved her goggles and loved being able to see under water!

IMG 0248


They do a couple minutes of “exercises” on the deck before they get in the water so they won’t pull a muscle (this really cracked me up!)  Emma pretty much refused to the exercises every day.  She just stood and watched the other kids do them.  That girl really has a mind of her own!

IMG 0250


Emma with her teacher, Jane Ann.  There were 5 kids in her class.  She knew Kinley from church and Bryce from school.

IMG 0255


Robin told Emma to give us a thumbs up to show us that she was having fun- she really likes giving us signals- it’s kind of like we have a little secret form of communication and she loves that!

IMG 0262  1

IMG 0266


Waiting to jump to her teacher from the side…

IMG 0271


Shivering waiting to go off the diving board. :)

IMG 0277


Kinley and Emma- love the goggles!

IMG 0282

Free time- kick board races!

IMG 0284


I’m thankful that swim lessons are over- I feel like I should have lost 10 pounds throughout the two weeks (but I didn’t.)  To get to the ORU pool you have to park in a lower parking lot and walk up a humongous hill which really wouldn’t be that awful IF I was in good shape!  I broke out in a sweat every day as I pushed Foster in his stroller up that hill.  Then when you get in the pool room, it’s about 100 degrees with a very sticky humidity- thus I sweat again.   Add to that the stress of Emma being on edge emotionally, and the stress of entertaining Foster in his stroller which usually meant keeping his supply of food continuous, I worked up quite a sweat every day!

It was all very well worth it.  I feel very confident that IF Emma were to accidentally fall in the water somewhere (please Lord, don’t let that ever happen) she would have the basic skills to swim to the top and climb out or to float on her back.  That reassurance was definitely worth all of the sweating that I endured. :)

“Always Hungry”

This picture and this t-shirt really describe Foster at this stage in his life… he is ALWAYS HUNGRY!  He is eating us out of house and home!  It’s actually kind of nice to have a child who likes to eat because Emma is the exact opposite- she has never been a big eater and it’s a struggle just to get one full meal down her a day.

What really cracks us up about Foster is that he thinks he needs to have food in BOTH hands when he eats.  He always has to have his next bite ready to go in his mouth.  Often he asks for “Mo” which means more, when his mouth is full of food.  Here he is just chillin’ out eating some soda crackers.

IMG 0232  Version 2