Father’s Day Dancin’ Fun

Emma LOVES to dance.   She has a little CD player in her room and she loves to play music daily.    On Father’s Day evening we all just happened to be in Emma’s room and a spontaneous dance party broke out.  This was the first time that Foster really showed in interest in participating in the dance party- he loved it!  Now, everyday he goes into Emma’s room, points to the CD player, and says, “I wanna D, I wanna D”  which means “I want to dance!”  It’s pretty adorable.

Here are some pictures from the dance party- some blurry, some dark, but all good memories.

IMG 0590

IMG 0591

IMG 0592

IMG 0594

IMG 0608

IMG 0611

IMG 0615

IMG 0623  1

IMG 0624

IMG 0625  1


And here are some videos from the dance party… you can hear Foster saying “Wanna D” several times. :)





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