Fun in the Heat!

We are in the process of trying to fix up our backyard a little bit so that we can go outside more with our kids.  Our kids love to be outside and I know that it’s so important for them to get some sunlight every day and play play play.  We took Foster outside a couple of weeks ago and he acted scared of walking on the grass- that’s when we knew we needed to get him out more!!!

Tonight (of all nights- it was 99 degrees with heat index of 104 degrees!) we went in the backyard as a family and hung out.  Emma went into pretend world and took her babies and animals all over the backyard.  She also went down her slide a bunch- she loves slides.  Foster had fun pushing Emma’s pink lawn mower around- so manly!!!  We had a great time.

Foster got pretty sweaty so we had to come inside after about 30 minutes- Robin thought I had dumped a bucket of water on Foster’s head but it was all sweat!

IMG 0740 11

IMG 0733 7

IMG 0660 2

IMG 0669 4

IMG 0663 3

IMG 0677 1


IMG 0698 2

IMG 0704 3

IMG 0730 5

IMG 0732 6


IMG 0734 8

IMG 0737 9

IMG 0738 10

Looking forward to many more summer nights!

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