Golf Lessons on Father’s Day

Ok, so not really golf lessons… just an impromtu hitting of the rubber golf ball in Nana’s backyard after Uncle Brandon brought his $5 pawn shop driver in the house to show off to us.

We had a great Father’s Day.  We weren’t feeling great on Sunday morning- major allergy issues for both Robin and me so we decided to sleep in and try to get to feeling better before heading to my Mom’s for lunch.  We went to Mom’s around noon.  She offered to fix us lunch and it was yummy!  Brandon and Judy came too and we had a great time.

Robin, Emma, and Foster on Father’s Day!  We had just come inside from playing outside, thus the red faces!

IMG 0577  1


The following two pictures of Emma really crack me up- she has never played any form of golf before.  She was very eager to try out hitting the ball with Uncle Brandon’s driver and she immediately took it and tried hitting the ball with a lot of force and gusto.  It was by far the most incorrect golf form I’m ever seen, it was so hilarious to watch.  After the first two pictures, you’ll see Uncle Brandon step in to offer some guidance.

IMG 0467  1

IMG 0468  1

IMG 0476  1

IMG 0477

IMG 0478

Uncle Brandon is such a good, sweet Uncle.

IMG 0492  1


Then Daddy gave Foster a little lesson.  I realize that Foster needs a slightly shorter golf club.

IMG 0521  1

IMG 0523  1

IMG 0524

IMG 0540

IMG 0542  1


I have no idea why I’m offering my kids golf instruction here, I’ve never played a day of golf in my life…

IMG 0547

IMG 0499  1

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