Pops and Gigi’s Visit

Pops and Gigi came to Tulsa for a quick visit this last weekend.  They got here late on Thursday night and left after lunch on Saturday.  Even though it was short trip, we had a great time!  Emma was so excited to see them on Thursday night and we knew they wouldn’t be getting here until 11:30pm or so but Emma assured us that she would “rest her eyes” on the couch so she could say hi to them when they got here.  We were shocked that she did fall asleep on the couch at about 7:30.  She woke up when they got here and got to talk to them for about an hour before we put her back to bed for real for the night!

Friday we had a leisurely morning after eating waffles for breakfast.  After hanging out we went to Cheddar’s for lunch and then I had to go to work at the hospital.  Saturday we had donuts for breakfast and then went to Los Cabos for lunch.  It sounds like all we did was eat… which is kind of true!  Pops and Gigi definitely got to see how “into food” Foster is these days!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Pops and Emma building a robot out of big legos:

IMG 0423  1

IMG 0411  1

IMG 0439

IMG 0441  1


At the Riverwalk after eating at Los Cabos.  Too bad Foster isn’t looking at the camera!  Thanks for visiting Pops and Gigi, we had a lot of fun!

IMG 0456

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