“The Truth Trail”

We just completed 3 days of Pre-Smak, “Preschool Summer Music Activities for Kids” at our church.  I taught Emma’s 4 year old class with my good friend Candace Baldwin.  We had a great time with the kids!  I really love watching the children sing songs to the Lord and I had a lot of fun teaching them some basic music skills.  We even got to make a box guitar and a canteen!  The kids traveled to 3 different rooms and then returned to our class for snack time. Each morning seemed to just fly by!

The theme for the week was “The Truth Trail” with a camping theme.  Candace and I had fun decorating on Sunday afternoon.  We also brought special snacks for the kids: Monday we had smores, Tuesday we had trail mix, and Wednesday Candace brought her homemade sugar cookies and icing and sprinkles!

I definitely determined that I could never be a full time preschool teacher- it is HARD work and I have so much appreciation for the people who teach for a living!  3 days was just about right for me!  Each day I came home and took a nap!!!

The songs that we sang in our room were “The Bible Says its So” and “All God’s Words are True.”

Wednesday night the kids traveled from room to room to show their parents what they had learned.  Robin traveled with Emma and took pictures.

The mural in our room:

IMG 0287


Emma on Wednesday night… have I mentioned on the blog that Emma got a new summer haircut?

IMG 0288


Getting ready to start our Presentation

IMG 0293


Playing our Trail guitars:

IMG 0301


Talking about quarter notes and quarter rests

IMG 0305


Being silly!  I think Emma’s name tag was twisted the entire night…

IMG 0321

IMG 0331


Emma is always right next to Mackenzie… she had so much fun with her this week!

IMG 0341

IMG 0342

IMG 0347

IMG 0351


Holding their Bibles proudly

IMG 0358

IMG 0359

IMG 0361

IMG 0367

IMG 0379


The last room they traveled to… looks like they got to sing while waving scarves!

IMG 0390

IMG 0394

IMG 0395


Following the performance there was a small carnival set up in the gym.  Emma was the first one into the gym so she got the tricycles all to herself.  About 1 minute after these pictures were taken the gym was filled with about 200 people.  We had almost 80 kids in Pre-Smak this year!

IMG 0403

IMG 0404

IMG 0406

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