4th of July Party #1!

On Sunday, July 3rd, we got to go to The Oaks 4th of July Celebration with our friends the Webbs and the Ha’s.  This is becoming a yearly tradition and we have had such a great time each year. My Mom got these adorable 4th of July outfits for Emma and Foster.  We snapped a few quick family pictures before heading to the party.

IMG 0815  1

IMG 0819  1

IMG 0817  1


I didn’t take very many pictures at The Oaks but here are a couple of Emily, Aubrey, and Emma.  This first one is blurry but the only one where everyone is smiling. :)  These girls have been good friends since they were babies.  It is so fun to watch them grow up together.  Before the fireworks, these girls put on a great show for the Mommies and Daddies by doing somersaults down the hill!  They are all so talented!

IMG 0827  1

IMG 0825  1

After a yummy dinner, we all hung out before the fireworks started at 9:30.  It’s always a guessing game as to which children will love the fireworks and which children will cry.  Emma was hesitantly excited.  She hid her eyes part of the time but was mostly excited to watch.  Foster was IN LOVE with the fireworks and kept saying “Fye Woh” “Unna See…”  over and over and over.

On our drive home, we pulled to the side of the highway to watch the Jenks Riverwalk fireworks and had a great view!  Foster was so excited that the fireworks were back!   He started blowing kisses to the fireworks. :)

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