First Day of Pre-Kindergarten

Today, August 22nd, was Emma’s first REAL day of Pre-K.  Here is Emma right before school.  Nana got her this adorable Gap dress.

IMG 2057  1

IMG 2062  1


She and Daddy had the idea to do some jumping pictures!

IMG 2068  1

IMG 2070  1

IMG 2071  1


Emma is looking more and more like me… has my squinty left eye and my crooked smile!  Sorry baby girl!

IMG 2073  1


These two are SO much alike.  Two peas in a pod.

IMG 2075  1

IMG 2076  1

IMG 1564

Daddy gave Emma  a little pep talk before school.  He told her to be kind to everyone, to look for kids that need a friend and BE a friend to them, to listen to the teacher, to answer the teachers’ questions, and to have fun!  She is a really good kid.  We know she’ll do great.


Pre-K Transition Day

On Friday, August 19th, Emma had her Transition Day at school.  We signed up for a 1 hour time slot for Emma to go with 4 of her other classmates to get to know the teachers better, take a tour of the school, learn the rules, etc.  The hour went by super fast but it sounds like she learned a lot… specifically where the bathrooms and the playground are!

I can’t get over how old she looks here!

IMG 2021  1

IMG 2030


I’ve said it before but Emma and Foster really love each other!  Foster was so lost without Emma for the one hour that she was at school.  I tried to keep him busy and play with him one-on-one but he kept asking “Where Meema?” :)

IMG 2037


IMG 2039

IMG 2044

IMG 2047


Emma with Mrs. Bradshaw and another classmate.

IMG 2051


Headed into the classroom…

IMG 2053  1


Walking to the car after her transition day!  Aubrey is on the far right.

IMG 2055  1


Meet the Teacher

Last Tuesday, on August 16th, Emma got to meet her new Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Jenks Southeast.  Emma’s teacher is Mrs. Bradshaw and her assistant teacher is Mrs Ingram.  We have heard great things about both teachers and looking forward to a great year!  Several people have said that Mrs. Bradshaw is very sweet and will be a perfect “fit” for Emma.  That makes me so thrilled to hear- such an answer to prayer.

Here is a (blurry) picture of Emma right before going in to meet Mrs. Bradshaw.

IMG 1990


The most amazing thing about this year in pre-k is that Emma and Aubrey (her BFF) are in the same class together!!!  We knew this would be a possibility because there are technically 4 Pre-K classes but when we found out they were in the same class we were just thrilled- such a God thing.  These two love each other like sisters.  We warned the teachers. :)  We also encouraged Emma to branch out and make new friends too.  I think is great that they have each other this year though.

Here are Emma and Aubrey outside of the classroom.

IMG 1992  1


IMG 1992  1


IMG 1995  1


Happy Girl in the car after meeting her teachers and seeing her classroom!

IMG 2000  1

First Day of Ballet 2011-2012

Emma had her first dance class for the new school year last Monday.  This year she it taking a Ballet/Jazz combo class rather than Ballet/Tap.  I think Emma will really love Jazz- she loves to dance fast and shake her hips!

Her teacher is Miss Keally who is the director of the studio.  Ironically I took dance WITH Miss Keally in middle school and high school!  She is so great with the kids and I already see that this is going to be a great year for Emma!

IMG 1968  1


This year her good friend, Karter, is in her dance class.  Clearly, they were very excited to see each other!  SO cute!

IMG 1975  1

IMG 1978  2

IMG 1979  1


IMG 1980  1


Walking into her dance class with her dance back, packed with her ballet shoes and new jazz shoes.

IMG 1985  2

IMG 1986  1


Here she is telling Miss Keally her name.  You never know if Emma will speak out loud to tell someone her name but she did on this occasion!  Yippeee!

IMG 1989  2

Kiddie Park

On Saturday night, August 13th, my whole family headed to Bartlesville to take the kids to the Kiddie Park.  The last time we had been to the Kiddie Park was in 2009 when Emma was only 2 and a half and I was pregnant with Foster.  You can see that post here. On that trip, Emma was very scared of the rides and only ended up riding the swings, the carousel, and the train!  This year was so different!  Emma rode almost every ride!  It was so fun to watch the excitement on her face.  Foster had a blast too.  He only rode about 3 or 4 of the smaller rides and he loved watching Emma on some of the bigger rides.

We made quite a day out of our trip to Bartlesville… We had almost the whole crew there: Robin, Myself, Emma, Foster, Nana, Great-Aunt Judy, and Uncle Boom were all there.  The Foster family has a lot of memories from Bartlesville because that’s where my Grandma and Grandpa lived for most of their lives.  On our trip on Saturday we stopped at the Gap Outlet, the Cemetery, Dink’s BBQ for dinner, then the Kiddie Park.  I always love being in Bartlesville because it brings back some great memories!  it’s a neat little town.

Here are Emma and Foster before heading into the park…

IMG 1576  1


the fam…

IMG 1578  1


Here are Uncle Boom and Foster waiting in line for Foster’s first ride.  I thought that if I had Uncle Boom put Foster on the ride he might actually go for it because he likes to act tough for Uncle Boom.

IMG 1579


WRONG!  Foster did ok until the ride STARTED and then started crying and asking for Mommy.  That’s such a helpless feeling!  Do ask them to stop the ride so you can get your child off?  I hate to admit it but we all just kind of stood there and laughed… and gave him a little pep talk from the sidelines. After one go-round of the cars, he had stopped his crying and decided he’d just try to have fun.  :)

IMG 1617  1


I love this next picture… here he is saying “I guess this is ok… yeah, I’m cool with this.”

IMG 1622  1


Clearly, Emma enjoyed herself!

IMG 1585  1

IMG 1599  1


There’s a new sheriff in town…

IMG 1604  1

IMG 1607  1

IMG 1608  1



IMG 1624  1


I love to see this big smile on Emma’s face- pure joy!

IMG 1625  1


Next up was the boats…

IMG 1638


One of the things I love the most about the Kiddie Park is that siblings can often ride a ride together or the child can ride with a parent.  They loved having each other as their little security blanket.

IMG 1631


IMG 1643


By about the third go-round Foster really got a hang of turning the steering wheel- he really thought he was making that boat GO!

IMG 1644


Next up… the roller coaster!!!  I was shocked that Emma wanted to try the roller coaster- but she definitely did, she was so excited.  She picked Mommy to ride with her and I was so excited!  Here we are in line talking about what the roller coaster would be like!  (On a side note, my Brother and I rode this roller coaster many times as young kids- we remember it being a LOT bigger than it really is!)

IMG 1662


Getting ready to ride the roller coaster…

IMG 1678  1


I love how we both have our mouths wide open here, we must be having fun!

IMG 1684  1


Here we are on the second little dip… can you see Emma’s face?  she loved it!

IMG 1691  1

IMG 1698  1


Emma loved the roller coaster and I’m so glad…. I LOVE amusement park rides and will ride just about anything.  I hope someday she’ll be my little ride buddy.

After the roller coaster we stopped for some silly family pics…

IMG 1716


IMG 1719

IMG 1723

IMG 1727


Next up was the swings… Emma remembered them from her last trip and was so excited for Foster to ride them with her!  He did pretty well.  He looked kind of scared for the first half of the ride but then just chilled out and looked like he was about to fall asleep!

IMG 1738  1

IMG 1742


IMG 1757


Next up was the tilt-a-whirl.  Emma picked Judy and Brandon to ride this ride with her.  It’s a GOOD thing she chose Aunt Judy because she held on to Emma very tightly as Brandon spun the tilt-a-whirl to it’s maximum speed.  Apparently there was so me “miscommunication” between Judy and Brandon- Judy was telling Brandon to SLOW DOWN but Brandon must have thought she was saying SPEED UP!   Not really.  The reality is that Uncle Brandon is quite a stinker.  Thankfully, no one got sick.

Here they are before the ride…

IMG 1765  1


Having fun on the tilt-a-whirl.

IMG 1802  1


This face says it all- she had fun on the tilt-a-whirl with Uncle Brandon and Judy.  She LOVES to spin, so I knew this would probably be a hit with her.

IMG 1827  1


Daddy and Foster waiting to ride the carousel.

IMG 1839

IMG 1841


Daddy rode the carousel with Foster and Nana rode the carousel with Emma.  They each got on a horse and had a great time together.

IMG 1851  1


IMG 1877  1


It was very difficult to get a good picture of Emma on the airplanes but she did ride them… twice.. because she couldn’t figure out how to pull the lever back to make the plane go in the air.  She’s so little, she just couldn’t pull it hard enough!

IMG 1896  1


For the last ride Mommy rode the turtle roller coaster with both Foster and Emma.  It was very dark outside and hard to get good pictures but here are a few…

IMG 1903  1

IMG 1904  1

IMG 1902


We closed the park down at 10:00.  Here are Emma, Foster, and Nana taking a break before getting in the car to drive home.

IMG 1943  1


Foster got a little slap-happy right before we left… maybe it was the ice cream, cotton candy, and snow cone bites that he had just sampled?  He didn’t sleep a wink on the drive home- he just laughed the whole way home- clearly delirious!

IMG 1962  1

Wanna know my favorite thing about the Kiddie Park… it is dirt cheap!  We spent about $14 for rides and snacks… total.  Fun was had by all.  We’ll see you again next year Kiddie Park!

Bedtime Hugs & Kisses

We have started a new tradition that I love… Foster goes to bed about 30 minutes before Emma goes to bed- he usually lets us know he’s ready!  He’ll saw “Mommy, Nigh Nigh.”  Or, he’ll just go get his monkey and blanket out of his bed and that is a clear sign that he’s ready to go to sleep.

When he’s all ready for bed we tell me to give Emma a hug and kiss.  He always runs to wherever Emma is, stands about a foot away from her and says “Muah” which is his version of giving a kiss! Sometimes he will just lean into her and she’ll give him a big hug back.  These two leave each other a ton and it’s precious to watch them show affection.

IMG 1544  1

IMG 1539  1

IMG 1540  1

IMG 1543  1


IMG 1550  1

IMG 1552  1

Night Night Foster.

Foster’s Summer at the Little Gym

At the beginning of the summer I saw a “Living Social” Deal for 6 sessions at the Little Gym for $30.  I very quickly snatched up a 6 session pass for both Emma and Foster.  I had been wanting to let Emma try gymnastics and had heard great things about the Little Gym.  Let me just say this was the best deal ever!  While it was a great experience for Foster, he didn’t enjoy nearly as much as Emma did.  More to come on Emma’s Little Gym experience in a future post.

Foster went to a “Mommy & Me” class on Tuesday mornings at 9:30.  I chose that class because it was a fairly small class- 6-8 toddlers.  However, by the end of the summer there were 20 toddlers in the class!

Foster did fairly well the first couple of weeks and then each week he became more and more clingy and whiney.  I’m not sure what that was about.  This was his first real “activity” or Mommy and Me class and I’m so glad we did it.  It was very good for him to start learning to follow directions and participate in a group setting!  He’s so used to just hanging out with Mommy and Emma all day!

Last week I had Daddy do the class with him.  I thought maybe he would be less clingy without me there- WRONG!  HE wanted Robin to hold him the whole time.

Daddy and Foster before their “workout:”

IMG 1475  1


You can see here that Foster did not want to participate in walking in a circle.  He knows how to walk, but he doesn’t like to do it when everyone else is doing it.  He only wants to do it if he feels like doing it!  Daddy had to pick him up and hold him shortly after this picture.  My kids are both STRONG WILLED!

IMG 1483


Walking backwards here… He was able to do this but he cried while he did it.

IMG 1486


They did a lot of fun activities with the hoola hoop on this day- here are Foster and Daddy pretending to drive a boat.

IMG 1488  1


I think Foster is supposed to be doing a forward roll here but he just sat down and cried instead.

IMG 1490


Obviously, these pictures are taken through a window so there is a big glare.  Here is Foster hanging from the bars!


IMG 1495  1


He’s looking at me taking the picture saying, “Mommy, please rescue me!”

IMG 1497  1


While all of the other kids were walking on the beam, practicing backward rolls, and jumping on the trampoline, Foster just wanted to run with Daddy.

IMG 1505  1

IMG 1507

IMG 1508  1

Foster LOVES these parallel bars.  He just walks between them holding on!  It cracks us up that there is so much to do in this gym but Foster insists on walking between these bars.  He also thinks he OWNS them and if any other child comes to the bars he gives them a dirty look or squeals.

IMG 1511  1

IMG 1514


Proud Sister, Emma, cheering her little Brother on from the viewing room:

IMG 1525


Just chillin’ out by the window:

IMG 1526  1


This was the hugest success of the entire Little Gym experience… by the final session Foster had finally learned to put his bells away in the tub on his own without Mommy having to tear them out of his hand.  I love it that he’s learning to obey and follow directions!  Here he is walking back to Daddy after putting his bells away.

IMG 1538  1

Way to go Foster- we are so proud of you!  I had so much fun getting to do this with you this summer!

Pops and Gigi’s house

On Friday afternoon we left the lake and took the 1 1/2 hour drive to Pops and Gigi’s house in Arlington to hang out for the weekend.  We did a lot of swimming in their pool.

Emma and Daddy in the pool.

IMG 1431


Foster borrowed Zane’s puddle jumper for the pool to try it out.  Foster was unsure about the pool.  We haven’t had a ton of time in the pool this summer and it shows.  Poor Foster is going to have to catch up on his swimming skills.  He did much better in the pool at night than during the day.  I really think he dislikes being hot!


He loved sitting on the edge and throwing the 4 pool thermometer animals in the pool: the duck, shark, frog, and ladybug were his buddies.

IMG 1436


IMG 1438


IMG 1446


Zane with Emma’s Princess tube around his neck.

IMG 1449


Emma and Zane really love each other.  Here they are cuddling on the floor.

IMG 1465


Pops in the ONLY person that Foster ever falls asleep with.  This was so adorable.  They were both snoring. :)

IMG 1463

IMG 1464

We had a great time in Texas with family.  We love you all!

Last Day at the Lake

On the last day at the lake we woke up early again to have a yummy breakfast.  We had a quick dip in the lake because Emma insisted on one more swim.  After our swim we quickly had to pack our cabin- MAN we had to pack a LOT of stuff for just 2 days at the lake.  It took us a while to gather everything.  After we checked out of our cabin we went to the campsite for one last picnic lunch with the family members who were still at the lake.

We cheat ONLY at the lake and let Emma ride on Robin’s lap for the few feet drive to the campsite.  She felt REALLY cool getting to do this.

IMG 1406


Foster enjoyed taking all of the antibacterial wipes out of the container- I was ok with this because it kept him occupied for a whole 10 minutes!

IMG 1409


IMG 1416

IMG 1420


Lake Trip Day #2

Day 2 at the lake was a very full day!  We woke up at about 8:00 and gathered around the campsite for some home cooked breakfast made by Uncle Larry and Uncle Eddy.  We had hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, even coffee!!  Woo hoo for coffee!

Soon after breakfast we headed to the beach. Here is Foster… already NOT excited about the beach. :(

IMG 1169


Robin, Foster, and Emma in the water.


IMG 1180  1


IMG 1191  1


Fallon, Craig, and Lylah on the awesome raft

IMG 1185  1


Foster with his paci and sippy cup on the beach.  He was so unsettled.

IMG 1196  1


Nephew Zane playing in the sand.

IMG 1220  1


Mommy and Emma swimming in the lake

IMG 1231  1


Crazy Uncle Larry- we love him!  We do NOT love Texas Tech though so we’ll just ignore that he has that shirt on.

IMG 1238


After an hour or so in the water we were all very hot and tired so we went back to our cabin for an afternoon in the air conditioning.

Robin, Tommy, Crystal, and Craig played a mean game of 42.  Craig and Tommy stomped Robin and Crystal.  Craig later admitted he has been practicing the game of 42 on a regular basis with the seniors at his church. :)


IMG 1153  1


Emma did some coloring to relax.


IMG 1160


Lylah kept trying to wake Pops up from his nap- it was hilarious!IMG 1164  1


Foster would not nap in his pack ‘n play but did lay down and rest on the cabin floor!

IMG 1145


After resting we went back out on the lake- this time in the boat!  Robin, Emma, Foster and I ALL got to ride on the tube pulled by the boat- it was so much fun!  No pictures though because I didn’t have my camera on the boat. :(

That evening we had a yummy dinner- Larry grilled hotdogs and hamburgers.

Emma and Foster mooching off of Gigi’s plate!

IMG 1302


This was so funny- Lylah is SO outgoing.  She loved Maw Maw.  She kept putting Maw Maw’s oxygen tubing in her mouth.  This was a sweet moment between them.

IMG 1285

IMG 1287  1


And this was a sweet moment between Gigi, Zane, and Lylah  Looking at the lake at sunset.

IMG 1325  1


Gigi taught the kids how to throw rocks in the water to see the splashes.

IMG 1339

IMG 1347

IMG 1375  1

Foster wasn’t too sure about throwing rocks in the lake at first.

IMG 1359


Then… once he got the hang of it and we let him do it BY HIMSELF…

IMG 1370  1


… he LOVED it.



IMG 1387  1

IMG 1391  1

IMG 1392  1

IMG 1393  1

IMG 1381

What a fun day!