Princess Camp

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Aunt Judy for giving Emma the gift of Princess Camp this summer!  Emma had been looking forward to this week all summer.

From July 11th-July 15th Emma got to attend Princess Camp at her Dance Studio in the mornings from 9:30-12:00.  Each day they did crafts, dancing, singing, and more.  This was a great time for Emma to get out of the house and do something fun also a good opportunity for me to do some things alone with Foster (and get a few chores done around the house!)

Here are some of the girls on the last day.


IMG 0987


Princess Ariel visited on the last day.  Here she is reading a book to the girls.  She also talked to them about being a Princess, answered questions, and then took individual pictures with each of the girls.  It was so sweet to see how excited the girls were to meet her.

IMG 0983


Emma looks a little bit nervous here!

IMG 0991


Mommy got to come for a Mommy/Daughter tea party on the last day- it was so fun!

IMG 0997  1

IMG 0995


The girls performed two dances for the Moms- one Princess Dance and one “Crazy dance.”  Emma LOVED the crazy dance!


IMG 1017  1


And here are the two videos from the dances…  The first dance was an elegant ballet dance to a Princess song.  I laugh every time I watch this.  Emma has her tongue out the majority of the dance and just appears to be so uncomfortable!


The 2nd song was a fun song “Crazy.”  You can tell that Emma really loved this one.  She loves to shake her hips- I’m not sure what that says about her!  During the last part they were supposed to go “crazy” and do anything they wanted.  She just jumped the whole time- this girl loves to jump!



Next year Emma will be taking a ballet/jazz combo class and I think she’s really going to love the fast pace of jazz. ;)


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