4th of July Party #2

Wow, I was really behind on blogging!  Just realized I never posted the pics from our second 4th of July party on the actual 4th.  We had my family over to our house for a cookout in our backyard.  It was pretty low-key but a ton of fun!  We thought it was so hot but knowing now what 110 degrees feels like, that night was mild!

Emma LOVES Watermelon…

IMG 0853  1

IMG 0860



IMG 0868

Our backyard has been a huge project for us and we still have a long way to go.  It really is a great backyard for our kids with a lot of potential but definitely needed some TLC.  We’re so thankful for my brother Brandon’s hard work to remove all of the leaves and acorns, mowing, edging, and laying fescue seed.  Unfortunately, the 110 degree heat has done a number on the poor grass but the yard is definitely in much better shape than it was.   We have lots of plans in the future for the covered porch, the gazebo, patio, fence, etc.

IMG 0869


Firing up the grill for the first time this summer… the burgers and brats were very yummy!

IMG 0873  1

IMG 0874


Not a bad spread of food: burgers, brats, chips, Nana’s famous baked beans, watermelon, and my Grandma’s famous strawberry ice cream for dessert!


IMG 0886  1


After chowing down we all piled in our Odyssey and headed to the hill at 61st and Sheridan to watch fireworks.  We just parked on the hill and got to watch about 3 different fireworks show.  This was a great way to miss the crowds!

IMG 0888


Foster was so tired but definitely stayed awake through the fireworks- he kept shouting, “Boooo, fireworks…”  he wanted to make sure Uncle Boom saw the fireworks.  He is in LOVE with Uncle Boom

IMG 0889


Our view from the hill before it got dark.

IMG 0895

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