Bedtime Hugs & Kisses

We have started a new tradition that I love… Foster goes to bed about 30 minutes before Emma goes to bed- he usually lets us know he’s ready!  He’ll saw “Mommy, Nigh Nigh.”  Or, he’ll just go get his monkey and blanket out of his bed and that is a clear sign that he’s ready to go to sleep.

When he’s all ready for bed we tell me to give Emma a hug and kiss.  He always runs to wherever Emma is, stands about a foot away from her and says “Muah” which is his version of giving a kiss! Sometimes he will just lean into her and she’ll give him a big hug back.  These two leave each other a ton and it’s precious to watch them show affection.

IMG 1544  1

IMG 1539  1

IMG 1540  1

IMG 1543  1


IMG 1550  1

IMG 1552  1

Night Night Foster.

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