Day 1 at the Lake

Every year the Curry Clan gathers at a lake in Texas for a family reunion.  We always have so much fun!  This year, this was our one family Vacation and we made a lot of good memories!  We stayed at Rock Creek on Possum Kingdom Lake.

We recently bought a Honda Odyssey mini-van and it made the trip SO MUCH EASIER!  We’ve never had a DVD player on car trips before and it was quite nice.  The kids watched about 4 videos on the 5 hour drive to the lake.  There were definitely periods that Foster got grumpy and just wanted OUT of his carseat- who could blame him?  But for the most part, the kids had fun together. Emma requested that we move their captain seats close together as seen in the picture below so that they could share toys, books, and snacks.

IMG 1031


IMG 1033


As soon as we go to the lake and unpacked we were SO HOT, that we just wanted to jump into the lake!  We quickly changed into our swimsuits, lathered up in sunscreen, and headed down to the beach.  We had a great sandy beach all to ourselves this year which was great for the kids.  However, Foster wasn’t to sure about the whole lake thing.  He cried a lot, a lot, a lot.  I don’t think he likes being hot, and I don’t think he likes the bright sun.  I have a feeling next year will be better. :)  At least he looked adorable in his beach-ware!

IMG 1038  1


Now this little girl LOVED the lake- she could not get enough of it and cried every time we had to get out of the water.  She’s a little fish, just like her Mommy.

IMG 1042


You won’t see many pictures of Foster IN the water.  He preferred to observe from the sidelines or blow bubbles or throw rocks from the shore.  He looks so smothered in this life jacket!  Safety first!  :)

IMG 1048


Foster LOVES blowing bubbles- actually he can’t actually blow them but he just pretends.  I couldn’t pick a favorite picture here so I just posted all of them.  He looks like a big boy in these pictures- I can’t believe he’s closer to 2 years old than 1 year old. :(

IMG 1063

IMG 1064

IMG 1066

IMG 1067

IMG 1071

IMG 1074

IMG 1075

IMG 1081

IMG 1083


Here is our niece/cousin Lylah.  Isn’t she just adorable?

IMG 1106  1


Here’s our beach area- the kids had a blast.  The water was luke-warm but still cooled us off a bit.

IMG 1112

IMG 1128

IMG 1134


Foster tried to get in our car like this but I didn’t let him. We stripped the swimsuit off before letting him ride in the car to the cabin!

IMG 1137

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