First Day of Ballet 2011-2012

Emma had her first dance class for the new school year last Monday.  This year she it taking a Ballet/Jazz combo class rather than Ballet/Tap.  I think Emma will really love Jazz- she loves to dance fast and shake her hips!

Her teacher is Miss Keally who is the director of the studio.  Ironically I took dance WITH Miss Keally in middle school and high school!  She is so great with the kids and I already see that this is going to be a great year for Emma!

IMG 1968  1


This year her good friend, Karter, is in her dance class.  Clearly, they were very excited to see each other!  SO cute!

IMG 1975  1

IMG 1978  2

IMG 1979  1


IMG 1980  1


Walking into her dance class with her dance back, packed with her ballet shoes and new jazz shoes.

IMG 1985  2

IMG 1986  1


Here she is telling Miss Keally her name.  You never know if Emma will speak out loud to tell someone her name but she did on this occasion!  Yippeee!

IMG 1989  2

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