First Day of Pre-Kindergarten

Today, August 22nd, was Emma’s first REAL day of Pre-K.  Here is Emma right before school.  Nana got her this adorable Gap dress.

IMG 2057  1

IMG 2062  1


She and Daddy had the idea to do some jumping pictures!

IMG 2068  1

IMG 2070  1

IMG 2071  1


Emma is looking more and more like me… has my squinty left eye and my crooked smile!  Sorry baby girl!

IMG 2073  1


These two are SO much alike.  Two peas in a pod.

IMG 2075  1

IMG 2076  1

IMG 1564

Daddy gave Emma  a little pep talk before school.  He told her to be kind to everyone, to look for kids that need a friend and BE a friend to them, to listen to the teacher, to answer the teachers’ questions, and to have fun!  She is a really good kid.  We know she’ll do great.


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