Foster’s Summer at the Little Gym

At the beginning of the summer I saw a “Living Social” Deal for 6 sessions at the Little Gym for $30.  I very quickly snatched up a 6 session pass for both Emma and Foster.  I had been wanting to let Emma try gymnastics and had heard great things about the Little Gym.  Let me just say this was the best deal ever!  While it was a great experience for Foster, he didn’t enjoy nearly as much as Emma did.  More to come on Emma’s Little Gym experience in a future post.

Foster went to a “Mommy & Me” class on Tuesday mornings at 9:30.  I chose that class because it was a fairly small class- 6-8 toddlers.  However, by the end of the summer there were 20 toddlers in the class!

Foster did fairly well the first couple of weeks and then each week he became more and more clingy and whiney.  I’m not sure what that was about.  This was his first real “activity” or Mommy and Me class and I’m so glad we did it.  It was very good for him to start learning to follow directions and participate in a group setting!  He’s so used to just hanging out with Mommy and Emma all day!

Last week I had Daddy do the class with him.  I thought maybe he would be less clingy without me there- WRONG!  HE wanted Robin to hold him the whole time.

Daddy and Foster before their “workout:”

IMG 1475  1


You can see here that Foster did not want to participate in walking in a circle.  He knows how to walk, but he doesn’t like to do it when everyone else is doing it.  He only wants to do it if he feels like doing it!  Daddy had to pick him up and hold him shortly after this picture.  My kids are both STRONG WILLED!

IMG 1483


Walking backwards here… He was able to do this but he cried while he did it.

IMG 1486


They did a lot of fun activities with the hoola hoop on this day- here are Foster and Daddy pretending to drive a boat.

IMG 1488  1


I think Foster is supposed to be doing a forward roll here but he just sat down and cried instead.

IMG 1490


Obviously, these pictures are taken through a window so there is a big glare.  Here is Foster hanging from the bars!


IMG 1495  1


He’s looking at me taking the picture saying, “Mommy, please rescue me!”

IMG 1497  1


While all of the other kids were walking on the beam, practicing backward rolls, and jumping on the trampoline, Foster just wanted to run with Daddy.

IMG 1505  1

IMG 1507

IMG 1508  1

Foster LOVES these parallel bars.  He just walks between them holding on!  It cracks us up that there is so much to do in this gym but Foster insists on walking between these bars.  He also thinks he OWNS them and if any other child comes to the bars he gives them a dirty look or squeals.

IMG 1511  1

IMG 1514


Proud Sister, Emma, cheering her little Brother on from the viewing room:

IMG 1525


Just chillin’ out by the window:

IMG 1526  1


This was the hugest success of the entire Little Gym experience… by the final session Foster had finally learned to put his bells away in the tub on his own without Mommy having to tear them out of his hand.  I love it that he’s learning to obey and follow directions!  Here he is walking back to Daddy after putting his bells away.

IMG 1538  1

Way to go Foster- we are so proud of you!  I had so much fun getting to do this with you this summer!

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