Lake Trip Day #2

Day 2 at the lake was a very full day!  We woke up at about 8:00 and gathered around the campsite for some home cooked breakfast made by Uncle Larry and Uncle Eddy.  We had hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, even coffee!!  Woo hoo for coffee!

Soon after breakfast we headed to the beach. Here is Foster… already NOT excited about the beach. :(

IMG 1169


Robin, Foster, and Emma in the water.


IMG 1180  1


IMG 1191  1


Fallon, Craig, and Lylah on the awesome raft

IMG 1185  1


Foster with his paci and sippy cup on the beach.  He was so unsettled.

IMG 1196  1


Nephew Zane playing in the sand.

IMG 1220  1


Mommy and Emma swimming in the lake

IMG 1231  1


Crazy Uncle Larry- we love him!  We do NOT love Texas Tech though so we’ll just ignore that he has that shirt on.

IMG 1238


After an hour or so in the water we were all very hot and tired so we went back to our cabin for an afternoon in the air conditioning.

Robin, Tommy, Crystal, and Craig played a mean game of 42.  Craig and Tommy stomped Robin and Crystal.  Craig later admitted he has been practicing the game of 42 on a regular basis with the seniors at his church. :)


IMG 1153  1


Emma did some coloring to relax.


IMG 1160


Lylah kept trying to wake Pops up from his nap- it was hilarious!IMG 1164  1


Foster would not nap in his pack ‘n play but did lay down and rest on the cabin floor!

IMG 1145


After resting we went back out on the lake- this time in the boat!  Robin, Emma, Foster and I ALL got to ride on the tube pulled by the boat- it was so much fun!  No pictures though because I didn’t have my camera on the boat. :(

That evening we had a yummy dinner- Larry grilled hotdogs and hamburgers.

Emma and Foster mooching off of Gigi’s plate!

IMG 1302


This was so funny- Lylah is SO outgoing.  She loved Maw Maw.  She kept putting Maw Maw’s oxygen tubing in her mouth.  This was a sweet moment between them.

IMG 1285

IMG 1287  1


And this was a sweet moment between Gigi, Zane, and Lylah  Looking at the lake at sunset.

IMG 1325  1


Gigi taught the kids how to throw rocks in the water to see the splashes.

IMG 1339

IMG 1347

IMG 1375  1

Foster wasn’t too sure about throwing rocks in the lake at first.

IMG 1359


Then… once he got the hang of it and we let him do it BY HIMSELF…

IMG 1370  1


… he LOVED it.



IMG 1387  1

IMG 1391  1

IMG 1392  1

IMG 1393  1

IMG 1381

What a fun day!

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