Last Day at the Lake

On the last day at the lake we woke up early again to have a yummy breakfast.  We had a quick dip in the lake because Emma insisted on one more swim.  After our swim we quickly had to pack our cabin- MAN we had to pack a LOT of stuff for just 2 days at the lake.  It took us a while to gather everything.  After we checked out of our cabin we went to the campsite for one last picnic lunch with the family members who were still at the lake.

We cheat ONLY at the lake and let Emma ride on Robin’s lap for the few feet drive to the campsite.  She felt REALLY cool getting to do this.

IMG 1406


Foster enjoyed taking all of the antibacterial wipes out of the container- I was ok with this because it kept him occupied for a whole 10 minutes!

IMG 1409


IMG 1416

IMG 1420


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