Meet the Teacher

Last Tuesday, on August 16th, Emma got to meet her new Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Jenks Southeast.  Emma’s teacher is Mrs. Bradshaw and her assistant teacher is Mrs Ingram.  We have heard great things about both teachers and looking forward to a great year!  Several people have said that Mrs. Bradshaw is very sweet and will be a perfect “fit” for Emma.  That makes me so thrilled to hear- such an answer to prayer.

Here is a (blurry) picture of Emma right before going in to meet Mrs. Bradshaw.

IMG 1990


The most amazing thing about this year in pre-k is that Emma and Aubrey (her BFF) are in the same class together!!!  We knew this would be a possibility because there are technically 4 Pre-K classes but when we found out they were in the same class we were just thrilled- such a God thing.  These two love each other like sisters.  We warned the teachers. :)  We also encouraged Emma to branch out and make new friends too.  I think is great that they have each other this year though.

Here are Emma and Aubrey outside of the classroom.

IMG 1992  1


IMG 1992  1


IMG 1995  1


Happy Girl in the car after meeting her teachers and seeing her classroom!

IMG 2000  1

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