Pops and Gigi’s house

On Friday afternoon we left the lake and took the 1 1/2 hour drive to Pops and Gigi’s house in Arlington to hang out for the weekend.  We did a lot of swimming in their pool.

Emma and Daddy in the pool.

IMG 1431


Foster borrowed Zane’s puddle jumper for the pool to try it out.  Foster was unsure about the pool.  We haven’t had a ton of time in the pool this summer and it shows.  Poor Foster is going to have to catch up on his swimming skills.  He did much better in the pool at night than during the day.  I really think he dislikes being hot!


He loved sitting on the edge and throwing the 4 pool thermometer animals in the pool: the duck, shark, frog, and ladybug were his buddies.

IMG 1436


IMG 1438


IMG 1446


Zane with Emma’s Princess tube around his neck.

IMG 1449


Emma and Zane really love each other.  Here they are cuddling on the floor.

IMG 1465


Pops in the ONLY person that Foster ever falls asleep with.  This was so adorable.  They were both snoring. :)

IMG 1463

IMG 1464

We had a great time in Texas with family.  We love you all!

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