Pre-K Transition Day

On Friday, August 19th, Emma had her Transition Day at school.  We signed up for a 1 hour time slot for Emma to go with 4 of her other classmates to get to know the teachers better, take a tour of the school, learn the rules, etc.  The hour went by super fast but it sounds like she learned a lot… specifically where the bathrooms and the playground are!

I can’t get over how old she looks here!

IMG 2021  1

IMG 2030


I’ve said it before but Emma and Foster really love each other!  Foster was so lost without Emma for the one hour that she was at school.  I tried to keep him busy and play with him one-on-one but he kept asking “Where Meema?” :)

IMG 2037


IMG 2039

IMG 2044

IMG 2047


Emma with Mrs. Bradshaw and another classmate.

IMG 2051


Headed into the classroom…

IMG 2053  1


Walking to the car after her transition day!  Aubrey is on the far right.

IMG 2055  1


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