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My super great web-developer husband gave me a new blog design!  The pictures that were on the old blog slideshow were about 2 years old so it was definitely time for an update!  So, feel free to look around and let me know what you think.  I will be able to change the header picture on a regular basis so hopefully I will be able to keep it current!

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Thank you Robin for spending your weekend updating my blog, I love you!

Zoo Member Appreciation Night

On Thursday, Sept. 8th we went to Zoo Member Appreciation Night at the Tulsa Zoo.  This was a very fun way to end Foster’s first day of school.  It was such a beautiful evening!

IMG 2370  1


They had just fed the monkeys when we visited… here they are eating some kind of frozen something made in a jello mold!

IMG 2380  1


My two monkeys looking at 2 of the Tulsa Zoo’s 2 monkeys!

IMG 2387  1


Foster enjoying food from the Taco Bar… it was surprisingly yummy!

IMG 2389  1


Foster riding a turtle!

IMG 2395  1

IMG 2398  1

IMG 2404  1



IMG 2417  1

IMG 2427  1


… and this is when we knew it was time to go home!!!

IMG 2431  1


Foster’s First Day of School

Thursday, September 8th was Foster’s very first day of school ever!  Technically, he is attending a Mother’s Day Out program but we are calling it “school.”  When Emma started school it was such a huge, emotional event for me.  However, we’ve been so busy this month that sending Foster to school just kind of happened and I didn’t have time to be sad!  I will say that my first day without him at home was very strange.  I kept thinking I was forgetting him places.  I kept opening his door when I stopped to run an errand.  He’s been my little buddy for almost two years and it is surreal to not have him with me two mornings a week.  I will miss him!

Here are Foster and Emma before school.  Foster’s hand is in his mouth because he’s nervous.  He knows something big is about to happen.  Emma puts her hands in her mouth also when she is nervous.

IMG 2352


This is Emma’s attempt at getting a picture of Mommy, Daddy, and Foster before school!

IMG 2355


Walking into schoool…

IMG 2359


Getting ready to go in his classroom:

IMG 2364  1

IMG 2367


And here is Foster’s Report Sheet for the morning: (I filled out the top part and his teacher filled out the bottom portion.)  When I dropped him off he cried hysterically and had the saddest look on his face.  When I picked him up they said that he only cried for about 2 minutes which is what he does at church too.  They said he was “a very sweet boy and had a great day!”

IMG 2443

Family Pennant

Emma had her first Pre-K “homework assignment” over Labor Day weekend.  She was told to make a family pennant that represented her family using whatever materials she wanted to use.  We were out of town all weekend so we had to scramble Tuesday night to come up with our idea!  We used little glitter pom poms to spell out Curry (can you tell? :))  Then we cut out some of Emma’s favorite pictures- I let her choose her 3 favorites from a pile of pictures.  When Daddy got home from work he and Emma put on the finishing touches.  They picked out some stickers from my scrapbook supplies and some stamps.  The stickers say “You make me happy when skies are gray,” “Family”, “Dynamic Duo,” “Have Faith,” “Love.”  Then they decided to have Emma write each of our names at the top: “Dad, Mom, Emma, and Foster.”    I think it turned out pretty cute.  The kids got to tell the class about their pennant and then it will be hung in their classroom for the entire school year!

IMG 2348

IMG 2343

IMG 2346


Feeding the Ducks

It has become a tradition that when we visit Grandmom and Granddad in Lubbock, we take the kids to the pond right by their house to feed the ducks!   Here is a picture of Emma over Labor Day 2007 feeding the ducks with Pops.

Img 0234


And here is the crew feeding the ducks over Labor Day in 2011!

IMG 2303

IMG 2306

IMG 2307

IMG 2308

IMG 2309

IMG 2316

IMG 2324


I wish you could see Foster’s face in this picture- he was talking to the ducks so sweetly.

IMG 2325

IMG 2329

IMG 2330

IMG 2336

Trip to Lubbock: Visit with Grandmom and Granddad

We had a great time staying with Grandmom and Granddad.  Granddad has had a rough few months with hip repair surgery and other illnesses.  It was great to see him up walking around!

Here is a 4 generation picture of Havens: Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad, Alicia (Gigi), Robin (Daddy), and Emma and Foster

IMG 2193


This picture was taken before church on Sunday morning:

IMG 2186


I love this series of pictures of Emma and Granddad (even though the color is awful and they are blurry.)

IMG 2253  1

IMG 2254  1


IMG 2255  1


IMG 2258  1

IMG 2294

IMG 2300

IMG 2273

IMG 2279

IMG 2283


Foster and Great Granddad hanging out on the porch :)

IMG 2286

IMG 2288


This is the most bizarre thing ever…. on Saturday night Lubbock had a “dust storm.”  I had never seen a dust storm before!!  The sky was brown and I kept expecting water to fall from the sky but the only thing that fell was dirt!  It was so windy, the trees were bent over to the ground and I kept saying, “Should we be taking cover for a tornado?”  They assured me that this was just your typical West Texas dust storm.

IMG 2182  1

Trip to Lubbock: VIisit with Maw Maw

When I realized that Emma’s school would be off for 5 days over the Labor Day weekend, I knew that that would be the perfect opportunity to travel to Lubbock to see both sets of Robin’s Grandparents.  This trip was long overdue… I think the last time we went to Lubbock Emma was a baby.

We spent all day driving on Friday and all day driving on Monday but the kids did GREAT in the car!  I was so pleasantly surprised!

We tried to divide our time equally with Maw Maw and Grandmom & Granddad. :)

Here are some pictures of our time with Maw Maw.  We love Maw Maw so much.  She lost her husband, Wes, a little over a year ago and this has been a rough transition year for her.  She is living in a very nice Retirement home in Lubbock and this was the first time we’ve seen her new apartment- it was very nice!

Foster and Maw Maw:

IMG 2124


IMG 2125


Maw Maw and Emma:

IMG 2131

IMG 2132


Foster brought along his cars to play with at Maw Maw’s apartment.  Here he is showing her one of his cars:

IMG 2139

IMG 2147


Playing Lincoln Logs with Pops:

IMG 2151

IMG 2169


Something was funny…

IMG 2180


When Pops saw how much Foster loved matchbox cars, he went out and bought Foster this awesome ramp with loop.  (On Saturday he saw Foster making ramps out of boxes, legs, etc.)

IMG 2206

IMG 2208

IMG 2222


Maw Maw and Robin:

IMG 2247


Maw Maw and Emma:

IMG 2251  1


It was so great to see you Maw Maw!  We love you so much.