Family Pennant

Emma had her first Pre-K “homework assignment” over Labor Day weekend.  She was told to make a family pennant that represented her family using whatever materials she wanted to use.  We were out of town all weekend so we had to scramble Tuesday night to come up with our idea!  We used little glitter pom poms to spell out Curry (can you tell? :))  Then we cut out some of Emma’s favorite pictures- I let her choose her 3 favorites from a pile of pictures.  When Daddy got home from work he and Emma put on the finishing touches.  They picked out some stickers from my scrapbook supplies and some stamps.  The stickers say “You make me happy when skies are gray,” “Family”, “Dynamic Duo,” “Have Faith,” “Love.”  Then they decided to have Emma write each of our names at the top: “Dad, Mom, Emma, and Foster.”    I think it turned out pretty cute.  The kids got to tell the class about their pennant and then it will be hung in their classroom for the entire school year!

IMG 2348

IMG 2343

IMG 2346


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