Foster’s First Day of School

Thursday, September 8th was Foster’s very first day of school ever!  Technically, he is attending a Mother’s Day Out program but we are calling it “school.”  When Emma started school it was such a huge, emotional event for me.  However, we’ve been so busy this month that sending Foster to school just kind of happened and I didn’t have time to be sad!  I will say that my first day without him at home was very strange.  I kept thinking I was forgetting him places.  I kept opening his door when I stopped to run an errand.  He’s been my little buddy for almost two years and it is surreal to not have him with me two mornings a week.  I will miss him!

Here are Foster and Emma before school.  Foster’s hand is in his mouth because he’s nervous.  He knows something big is about to happen.  Emma puts her hands in her mouth also when she is nervous.

IMG 2352


This is Emma’s attempt at getting a picture of Mommy, Daddy, and Foster before school!

IMG 2355


Walking into schoool…

IMG 2359


Getting ready to go in his classroom:

IMG 2364  1

IMG 2367


And here is Foster’s Report Sheet for the morning: (I filled out the top part and his teacher filled out the bottom portion.)  When I dropped him off he cried hysterically and had the saddest look on his face.  When I picked him up they said that he only cried for about 2 minutes which is what he does at church too.  They said he was “a very sweet boy and had a great day!”

IMG 2443

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