Trip to Lubbock: VIisit with Maw Maw

When I realized that Emma’s school would be off for 5 days over the Labor Day weekend, I knew that that would be the perfect opportunity to travel to Lubbock to see both sets of Robin’s Grandparents.  This trip was long overdue… I think the last time we went to Lubbock Emma was a baby.

We spent all day driving on Friday and all day driving on Monday but the kids did GREAT in the car!  I was so pleasantly surprised!

We tried to divide our time equally with Maw Maw and Grandmom & Granddad. :)

Here are some pictures of our time with Maw Maw.  We love Maw Maw so much.  She lost her husband, Wes, a little over a year ago and this has been a rough transition year for her.  She is living in a very nice Retirement home in Lubbock and this was the first time we’ve seen her new apartment- it was very nice!

Foster and Maw Maw:

IMG 2124


IMG 2125


Maw Maw and Emma:

IMG 2131

IMG 2132


Foster brought along his cars to play with at Maw Maw’s apartment.  Here he is showing her one of his cars:

IMG 2139

IMG 2147


Playing Lincoln Logs with Pops:

IMG 2151

IMG 2169


Something was funny…

IMG 2180


When Pops saw how much Foster loved matchbox cars, he went out and bought Foster this awesome ramp with loop.  (On Saturday he saw Foster making ramps out of boxes, legs, etc.)

IMG 2206

IMG 2208

IMG 2222


Maw Maw and Robin:

IMG 2247


Maw Maw and Emma:

IMG 2251  1


It was so great to see you Maw Maw!  We love you so much.

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