Trip to Lubbock: Visit with Grandmom and Granddad

We had a great time staying with Grandmom and Granddad.  Granddad has had a rough few months with hip repair surgery and other illnesses.  It was great to see him up walking around!

Here is a 4 generation picture of Havens: Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad, Alicia (Gigi), Robin (Daddy), and Emma and Foster

IMG 2193


This picture was taken before church on Sunday morning:

IMG 2186


I love this series of pictures of Emma and Granddad (even though the color is awful and they are blurry.)

IMG 2253  1

IMG 2254  1


IMG 2255  1


IMG 2258  1

IMG 2294

IMG 2300

IMG 2273

IMG 2279

IMG 2283


Foster and Great Granddad hanging out on the porch :)

IMG 2286

IMG 2288


This is the most bizarre thing ever…. on Saturday night Lubbock had a “dust storm.”  I had never seen a dust storm before!!  The sky was brown and I kept expecting water to fall from the sky but the only thing that fell was dirt!  It was so windy, the trees were bent over to the ground and I kept saying, “Should we be taking cover for a tornado?”  They assured me that this was just your typical West Texas dust storm.

IMG 2182  1

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