Zoo Member Appreciation Night

On Thursday, Sept. 8th we went to Zoo Member Appreciation Night at the Tulsa Zoo.  This was a very fun way to end Foster’s first day of school.  It was such a beautiful evening!

IMG 2370  1


They had just fed the monkeys when we visited… here they are eating some kind of frozen something made in a jello mold!

IMG 2380  1


My two monkeys looking at 2 of the Tulsa Zoo’s 2 monkeys!

IMG 2387  1


Foster enjoying food from the Taco Bar… it was surprisingly yummy!

IMG 2389  1


Foster riding a turtle!

IMG 2395  1

IMG 2398  1

IMG 2404  1



IMG 2417  1

IMG 2427  1


… and this is when we knew it was time to go home!!!

IMG 2431  1


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