Ballet Observation Day

Pops and Gigi got to come to ballet observation day on Monday right before they left.  This was their first time to see her dance and they loved watching her!  Unfortunately, Emma’s regular teacher wasn’t there that day but we still got to see her dance.

I love this picture!  Having fun!

IMG 3060

IMG 3067

IMG 3054


Jazz shoes!

IMG 3064

IMG 3068



Saying goodbye to Pops and Gigi before they headed out of town.  We had a great long weekend!


IMG 3079



IMG 3082

Cherry Berry with Pops and Gigi

I have really been slacking off when it comes to blogging… trying to get back on track!  The next couple of posts are from Colombus Day weekend when Pops and Gigi came to visit.  One evening we took them to Chery Berry, a local frozen yogurt place.  It was so yummy!  We all got very different things and all were delicious!  Foster LOVES him some ice cream.

IMG 3034

IMG 3029

IMG 3036

IMG 3037

IMG 3040

IMG 3042

IMG 3043

Pumpkin Patch

IMG 2841  1

Pops and Gigi came into town for a 3 day weekend and we had such a great time!  On Saturday we watched OU stomp Texas and then that evening we headed to the pumpkin patch.  I decided to leave Foster in his OU victory jersey because he looked so stinkin’ cute!

IMG 2848  1



IMG 2850  1


IMG 2849  1


He looks like such a big boy!  It’s hard to believe that he couldn’t stand on his own last year at the time!

IMG 2851  1


Emma and Foster

IMG 2861  1


IMG 2872  1


IMG 2884  1


Trying to pick up a pumpkin…

IMG 2891  1

IMG 2903  1

Pops and Foster…

IMG 2918  1


Gigi and Foster…

IMG 2926  1


Sweet Emma peeking out of the play house…

IMG 2929  1


Foster, Mommy, and Emma

IMG 2944

IMG 2947


Pops and Gigi paid for Emma and Foster to ride the ponies.  This was Foster’s first-ever pony ride!  Both kids loved it!

IMG 2965

IMG 2970  1

IMG 2993

IMG 2994


IMG 2990


Picking out a souvenir mini-pumpkin to take home

IMG 3011


IMG 3015


“Bye Bye pumpkins…”  This is what Foster repeated many times as we got in the car to leave!

IMG 3027  1

IMG 2936





Tulsa State Fair

IMG 2741  1

Last Tuesday evening at about 3:00 I was sitting in our living room thinking about what a beautiful day was and I thought to myself, we should go to the Fair tonight!   I was so excited when I called Robin and asked, (begged) if we could go and he said “Sure!”  This was a very spontaneous trip and we had a great time.  Thanks to Aunt Judy for giving us the tickets to the fair!

Here are the kids getting ready to go in the petting zoo.

IMG 2605


Foster LOVED the animals.  These pictures of him with the baby goats melt my heart.  He is so sweet with them!

IMG 2617  1

IMG 2618  1

IMG 2619  1

IMG 2620  1

IMG 2621  1

IMG 2623  1

IMG 2628  1


And here are Foster and Daddy petting the very friendly camel!

IMG 2634

IMG 2637  1


Here is where the camel licked Foster’s elbow…. Foster wasn’t sure if he like that…

IMG 2641

IMG 2642


Emma and Foster checking out the miniature ponies…

IMG 2644


Here Foster is yelling at the ponies asking them to come over and see him.

IMG 2646


This was Emma’s favorite part of the evening.  She and I rode the camel!  She has never wanted to ride a pony/camel, etc. so we were shocked when she asked us to do this!  The camel walker told us that our camel is 900 lbs and 13 years old!


IMG 2686

IMG 2690  1

IMG 2691  1


We sampled a variety of foods at the fair.  I had the teriyaki chicken kabob and roasted corn, Robin had sausage with all of the fixins, the kids had yummy corn dogs.  We also sampled the fresh-squeezed lemonade and the pineapple whips.  Yummy!  On a side note, Robin and I started “Lose it” this week in an effort to lose weight.  This was a BADDDD week to go to the fair!  We decided to take a break for one night!

IMG 2713

IMG 2726  1


Such a sweet big sister.

IMG 2734  1

IMG 2739


Riding the ferris wheel.  We were able to ride as a family of 4.  Both kids loved it!  However, next time we will not ride this ride… there were no seat belts or straps!  I’m sure it’s safe but it freaked us out a little bit.

IMG 2742  1

IMG 2748  1


Our view of the fair from the ferris wheel!

IMG 2750  1

IMG 2758  1


Emma and I rode 3 more rides that were kiddie rides after the ferris wheel.  We are learning that she LOVES rides, the faster they spin, the better!  This makes Mommy very happy. :)

IMG 2762  1


The Carousel…

IMG 2774  1


Saying “Cheese” for Mommy!

IMG 2780  1

There is nothing I love more than quality time with my family.  We had a great night and can’t wait to go back to the Tulsa State Fair again next year!

Mackenzie’s Party at “My Little Dollhouse”

On Saturday, October 1st Emma went to her good friend, Mackenzie’s, Birthday party at My Little Dollhouse.  It was so much fun!   Mackenzie is such a sweet friend from church.  They are in the same Sunday School class and choir class and have really gotten to be good friends within the last year or two.

Each of the girls got to get their hair, nails, and makeup done.  They also got to try on a ton of dress-up clothes (although Emma decided to stay in the same dress the whole time.)  So many of Emma’s sweet friends were there and she had a blast.

Here she is getting her nails painted…. purple, with GOLD glitter.

IMG 2476



IMG 2479


Emma and her good friend from her very first year of Preschool at STBC, Kaycee.  They were so excited to see each other!  Here they are comparing their glitter nails.

IMG 2485  1


Eye shadow application…

IMG 2488


Emma chose HOT PINK for her eye shadow color!

IMG 2491

IMG 2494  1

IMG 2495


Lipstick application…how does Emma know how to pucker her lips like this?

IMG 2498


Emma chose to have a braid put in her hair half-back.  It was really sweet.

IMG 2516


Emma and several other friends posing!

IMG 2527  1


Emma and Kaycee playing tea party.

IMG 2532  1


Emma and Aubrey dancing on the runway

IMG 2547


The whole crew- what a beautiful group!

IMG 2566


And here is a short video showing Emma’s “walk on the runway!”  She went to a party at My Little Dollhouse last year about this time of year and she did not even come out of the curtain onto the runway.  She was terrified.  I was so proud of her for coming out onto the runway with a smile.  She immediately looked for me and made a straight dash towards me… and at the very end you can see her stepping on her long dress and pulling the front of the dress almost off!  Oh well!



Present time!

IMG 2585

Thank you for inviting us to such a fun party Mackenzie!  We had so much fun!

Car Show at Church

Last Sunday night was our 4th time to attend the Car Show at our church!

Unfortunately, Foster was sick.  He had croup for about a week and it was NO fun.  We even had to make a middle-of-the-night Emergency Room trip.  He is better now thank goodness!  So…. Foster and Robin stayed home and Emma and I attended the car show.  I was scheduled to work at the First Aid booth for an hour so Emma worked my shift with me.  She really wanted lots of “patients” but we only had one little boy with a very small cut.  Emma was so disappointed!

I only took two pictures… here she is playing on the bounce farm.  It was a beautiful evening!

IMG 2450

IMG 2455

My silly girl

Emma is so funny.  The other day we were all just sitting in the living room and she disappeared.  After about 10 minutes she came in the living room dressed like this….

She had on just about EVERY piece of dress-up clothing/accessory in her closet!  The pink thing that she is using as a blindfold is actually a crown that she got at a Birthday party.

Funny thing… I had just organized all of her dress-up clothes that morning. :)  Needless to say I got to re-organize it after this style show!

IMG 2447