Mackenzie’s Party at “My Little Dollhouse”

On Saturday, October 1st Emma went to her good friend, Mackenzie’s, Birthday party at My Little Dollhouse.  It was so much fun!   Mackenzie is such a sweet friend from church.  They are in the same Sunday School class and choir class and have really gotten to be good friends within the last year or two.

Each of the girls got to get their hair, nails, and makeup done.  They also got to try on a ton of dress-up clothes (although Emma decided to stay in the same dress the whole time.)  So many of Emma’s sweet friends were there and she had a blast.

Here she is getting her nails painted…. purple, with GOLD glitter.

IMG 2476



IMG 2479


Emma and her good friend from her very first year of Preschool at STBC, Kaycee.  They were so excited to see each other!  Here they are comparing their glitter nails.

IMG 2485  1


Eye shadow application…

IMG 2488


Emma chose HOT PINK for her eye shadow color!

IMG 2491

IMG 2494  1

IMG 2495


Lipstick application…how does Emma know how to pucker her lips like this?

IMG 2498


Emma chose to have a braid put in her hair half-back.  It was really sweet.

IMG 2516


Emma and several other friends posing!

IMG 2527  1


Emma and Kaycee playing tea party.

IMG 2532  1


Emma and Aubrey dancing on the runway

IMG 2547


The whole crew- what a beautiful group!

IMG 2566


And here is a short video showing Emma’s “walk on the runway!”  She went to a party at My Little Dollhouse last year about this time of year and she did not even come out of the curtain onto the runway.  She was terrified.  I was so proud of her for coming out onto the runway with a smile.  She immediately looked for me and made a straight dash towards me… and at the very end you can see her stepping on her long dress and pulling the front of the dress almost off!  Oh well!



Present time!

IMG 2585

Thank you for inviting us to such a fun party Mackenzie!  We had so much fun!

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