Tulsa State Fair

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Last Tuesday evening at about 3:00 I was sitting in our living room thinking about what a beautiful day was and I thought to myself, we should go to the Fair tonight!   I was so excited when I called Robin and asked, (begged) if we could go and he said “Sure!”  This was a very spontaneous trip and we had a great time.  Thanks to Aunt Judy for giving us the tickets to the fair!

Here are the kids getting ready to go in the petting zoo.

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Foster LOVED the animals.  These pictures of him with the baby goats melt my heart.  He is so sweet with them!

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And here are Foster and Daddy petting the very friendly camel!

IMG 2634

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Here is where the camel licked Foster’s elbow…. Foster wasn’t sure if he like that…

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Emma and Foster checking out the miniature ponies…

IMG 2644


Here Foster is yelling at the ponies asking them to come over and see him.

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This was Emma’s favorite part of the evening.  She and I rode the camel!  She has never wanted to ride a pony/camel, etc. so we were shocked when she asked us to do this!  The camel walker told us that our camel is 900 lbs and 13 years old!


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We sampled a variety of foods at the fair.  I had the teriyaki chicken kabob and roasted corn, Robin had sausage with all of the fixins, the kids had yummy corn dogs.  We also sampled the fresh-squeezed lemonade and the pineapple whips.  Yummy!  On a side note, Robin and I started “Lose it” this week in an effort to lose weight.  This was a BADDDD week to go to the fair!  We decided to take a break for one night!

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Such a sweet big sister.

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IMG 2739


Riding the ferris wheel.  We were able to ride as a family of 4.  Both kids loved it!  However, next time we will not ride this ride… there were no seat belts or straps!  I’m sure it’s safe but it freaked us out a little bit.

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Our view of the fair from the ferris wheel!

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Emma and I rode 3 more rides that were kiddie rides after the ferris wheel.  We are learning that she LOVES rides, the faster they spin, the better!  This makes Mommy very happy. :)

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The Carousel…

IMG 2774  1


Saying “Cheese” for Mommy!

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There is nothing I love more than quality time with my family.  We had a great night and can’t wait to go back to the Tulsa State Fair again next year!

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