Family Get-Together in Waco

On Saturday, we met up with Robin’s family at Red Lobster to celebrate his Granddad’s 85th Birthday which is this week!  They traveled from Lubbock to Waco for Lynnette’s wedding and we were thankful that everyone was able to make it to spend time together.

We had 4 kids 4 and under at the table and it was WILD!

Zane, Pops, Foster, and Gigi… the kids all fought over who got to sit with Pops and Gigi!

IMG 3779


Great-Grandmom, Emma, and Great- Granddad:

IMG 3784


Tommy and Zane… notice Zane’s t-shirt.  He is going to be a big Brother next May!!!!  We are so excited to have another niece or nephew!

IMG 3795


Foster loves Uncle Tommy.  He kept bouncing him on his lap and Foster would come up to him and say, “Tommy jump, jump!”

IMG 3803


Great-Granddad… he will be 85 this week!

IMG 3805

IMG 3815


We gave him a President Obama Birthday card just to be ornery. :)

IMG 3817


After a yummy lunch, several of us took the kids outside to play.  I tried to get some good pics of the cousins playing…

IMG 3823

IMG 3826

IMG 3824

IMG 3837

IMG 3851


Foster and Lylah holding hands. :)

IMG 3860

IMG 3863

IMG 3867


Emma and Zane really adore each other

IMG 3869

IMG 3871

IMG 3872


Foster, Pops, and Lylah

IMG 3874

IMG 3875


Foster and Gigi

IMG 3878


IMG 3879


At the Wedding… I didn’t get a ton of pictures but here are a few.  Emma at the table waiting for the wedding to begin

IMG 3883

IMG 3891


IMG 3900


IMG 3903

Fun Weekend with friends in Waco

Right after Emma’s Thanksgiving Feast at school on Friday we got on the road to head to Waco.  Robin’s cousin, Lynnette got married in Waco on Saturday night.  We stayed with our good friends, The Kreys for two nights.  They recently moved into a new house and it was beautiful.  The yard is really beautiful and the kids had so much fun playing together outside.  Here are a few pictures from our time in their backyard.  I really wish we had gotten a picture of all of us together… we usually do but it’s getting harder and harder now that we have 5 kids between the two families.

Time for a little half court basketball in our pajamas on Saturday morning…

IMG 3742

IMG 3743


IMG 3746

IMG 3747


IMG 3749

IMG 3751

IMG 3754


Foster loved exploring in the backyard… he kept running around the perimeter of the yard… I guess he was exploring his boundaries!

IMG 3755

IMG 3760

IMG 3762

IMG 3765

Thank you Kreys for your hospitality… you are welcome to come to Tulsa anytime!!!  We’ll be waiting. :)

Foster’s Real 2nd Birthday

Foster’s “real” Birthday was on Thursday, Nov. 17th.   We had his party the Saturday before but still wanted to make sure he felt super special on his actual Birthday too.  We started the day by waking him up and singing to him while he was still in his crib.  We also brought him breakfast in bed, aka. doughnuts!

IMG 3717

IMG 3721


After we got Foster dressed he dined at the breakfast table.  Here he is sharing his doughnuts with his baby.

IMG 0182


And here is the plate of doughnuts after he was finished with them… he took one bite out of almost every one of them!

IMG 3738


While he was eating his doughnuts he wasn’t sitting in his chair very well and when he reached over to get a doughnut he missed the table, fell out of the chair, and landed on the tile floor.  He bumped his head pretty hard and as a result got a 2nd goose-egg on his head for the week. This time it was on his upper left forehead. The one he got on his actual Birthday was much worse than the one he got on the day of his party.  I guess he is letting us know he is going to be “all boy!”

Foster went to school on Thursday morning and his teachers were very sweet to him.  Then after naps and a fun lazy afternoon at home we met Nana and Daddy at Chuck E. Cheese for an impromptu last minute pizza dinner.  Foster had never been there before!

Here are a couple of pictures of him playing.  At the end of the night, he loved turning in his tickets for prizes. He got a set of Chuck E. Cheese stickers and some smarties.

IMG 0193


Happy 2nd Birthday Foster, we love you so much!

IMG 0196

Foster’s 2nd Birthday Party

IMG 3651


Foster’s actual Birthday is on Thursday, November 17th, but we celebrated a little bit early on Saturday, November 12th.  I decided to have a “Thomas the Train” party because Foster is VERY into Thomas and all things TRAINS.  Rather than serving typical Birthday cake, I chose to make him a waffle Birthday cake because he loves waffles, especially when Daddy makes the real ones rather than the frozen eggo waffles!  My main goal for Foster’s party was just to focus on Foster and see to it that he felt special and loved.  We had our family over and we had an awesome evening together.

One of the most special parts of the day for me was seeing the excitement that Emma had for Foster’s party- she was so excited to surprise him with gifts and decorations.  She could hardly contain her excitement!  She loves him so much!

Foster went down for a nap at about 1:30 on Saturday and while he slept Emma and I decorated the kitchen and Daddy put together Foster’s big gift- a train table complete with train set!

When Foster woke up from his nap I carried him to the kitchen to see the Thomas the Train decorations and the look on his face was so cute!.  He screamed “Thomas, Thomas, Thomas!”  I had put three little wooden trains in the center of the kitchen table and he sat at the table for an hour and a half and played with the trains while I finished getting stuff ready for the party!

IMG 3484  1


IMG 3486  1

IMG 3510  1


You may notice a bruise on Foster’s forehead in some of these pictures.  Unfortunately Foster ran into a door frame while he and Emma were running through the house on Saturday morning.  This is his first real goose egg… on the day of his 2nd Birthday party!

IMG 3521  1


Nana and Foster… Foster is saying “Cheeeese” in this picture!

IMG 3530


Looking like a big boy here

IMG 3533  1


Blurry, grainy picture of Mommy, Foster, and Daddy

IMG 3541  1


Here is the waffle cake that I put together… made of 3 waffles (made by Daddy) and pastry cream, strawberries, blueberries, powdered sugar, and syrup!  You only live once, right?  Funny thing though…. Foster refused to eat his cake. He wanted a plain waffle!  So we gave him a plain waffle and I had several bites of his cake- it was yummy!

IMG 3565


Judy held Foster while we sang “Happy Birthday” to him

IMG 3553  1


After we sang Happy Birthday and Emma blew out the candle (because Foster didn’t want to) Foster asked us to sing Happy Birthday to him about 10 more times.  He would look at Nana and say, “Happy Birthday to you Nana?”  Then Nana would start singing and we would all join in.  He got the most adorable, sheepish grin on his face each time we sang to him.  On about the 5th go-round, he started singing with us!  It was a precious moment.

IMG 3560  1


Sweet sweet big sister Emma

IMG 3567  1


Foster talking to the stuffed puppy dog- telling him it’s his Birthday.

IMG 3571  1


Part of the crew… The people who came to the party were: Mommy, Daddy, Emma, Foster, Nana, Judy, Uncle Brandon, Ron, Christi, Haley, and Sara.  I made a breakfast casserole, bacon, and then we had a waffle bar with strawberries, blueberries, pastry cream, whipped cream, bananas, syrup, and powdered sugar!

IMG 3573  1


Daddy, aka “Professional Waffle Chef.”

IMG 3577  1


Judy, Ron, and Christi gave Foster his very own Pottery Barn Kids chair so he and Emma don’t have to fight over Emma’s pink chair all the time.  He LOVES his new comfy chair.  The look on his face when he first saw it was adorable!

IMG 3598


One of his presents from Mommy and Daddy was a box of matchbox cars.  He took the time to line them all up on the arms of his new chair.

IMG 3634  1


Opening the “Thomas the Train” pillow pet from Nana- love his face here!  He loves his Thomas Pillow and carries it everywhere!

IMG 3635


His big gift from us was an Imaginarium train table. Robin put it together earlier in the day and covered it with a sheet in his office.  After all of the other gifts had been opened he and Uncle Brandon carried it into the living room and took the sheet off.  The look on Foster’s face was priceless but we didn’t catch it on camera.  He loves the train table and to my surprise so does Emma.  We spent the last hour of the party watching Foster and Emma play with the trains.

IMG 3644  1

IMG 3649

It was a special night.  I can’t believe Foster is almost 2 already!  Where did the time go?  I hope your party was everything you dreamed of my little man.

Halloween 2011

How have I gone 2 weeks without posting about our Halloween festivities???  This has been a very busy month!

We had a great Halloween this year.  I feel like we celebrated for a full week!  Emma got to wear her costume to 3 different celebrations so I feel like we really got our money’s worth!

Our first Halloween party was on Tuesday, October 25th at Emma’s good friend Karter’s house.  Karter and her Mommy, Amber, planned a very fun Halloween party complete with crafts, games, and yummy food!  We had such a great time!

Waiting in line to go “fishing”

Photo  1


Foster got to come too!



The whole crew… we made some new friends!

Photo  3

Photo  4


The Sunday night before Halloween we ordered a Jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  It was so yummy and the kids were very excited about it. :)

Photo  10


Emma had dance ON Halloween this year… she got to dress up for Ballet and it was so much fun!  Here are she and Karter before going in to the studio.

Photo  5


The entire ballet class with Miss Keally…such cute costumes!  I’m not sure why Emma is 3 feet away from the rest of the group!

Photo  6

Photo  7


Finally it was time for our actual Haloween night celebration!  We went to Noah’s Ark at our church like we usually do every year (we’ve only missed one year when we were in Waco for Homecoming.)  We took several pictures at home then headed to the church with Aunt Judy and Nana.

Here are my little Monkey and my Minnie Mouse.  I picked out a monkey costume for Foster because he is so attached to his monkey pacifier and his monkey blanket.  Monkeys are kind of his “thing.”  I knew this costume was going to be HOT, but I didn’t anticipate him breaking out in a heat rash… which he did!  I had to take the costume off about 10 minutes after we got to the church. :)  Who knew the temperature would be in the low 70′s on Halloween night!!!

Emma chose Minnie Mouse when we were looking through a costume catalog- she was really set on it.

IMG 3221  Version 2

IMG 3228

IMG 3241


Foster and Emma with Aunt Judy- this is their annual Halloween picture!  Isn’t Judy beautiful?

IMG 3261


Sitting on the driveway, I’m not sure why!

IMG 3278


Annual family pic…

IMG 3319


Foster insisited on bringing his sippy cup in with him to Noah’s Ark.

IMG 3330


Walking onto the Ark!

IMG 3336


What a crew!  Foster, Landon, Emma, and Aubrey

IMG 3349

IMG 3363


IMG 3375


Climbing onto the bounce house

IMG 3402


Wish this wasn’t blurry… this is the annual picture of Mackenzie, Emma, and Aubrey.  (Sweet Madison jumped in too!)

IMG 3404


“The Candy Walk.”

IMG 3408


This is our good friend Cathy.  She works at the church and I’ve known her since I was little.  Her job at Noah’s Ark is to walk around and re-fill the candy buckets at the different games.  Somehow Emma and Aubrey batted their eyes at her and convinced her to give them candy just because! :)

IMG 3427

IMG 3438


Roller coaster rides

IMG 3441

IMG 3444


Love this picture… walking to the car after all of the festivies.  These girls love each other like sisters.

IMG 3446

Whew!  I was exhausted the day after Halloween!  Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks?

So elegant!

This picture just kills me!  Emma is wearing her Matilda Jane outfit here, a frilly, very girly outfit.  She came outside on Saturday looking like this!  She LOVES to dress up silly.  She got these glasses out of her Daddy’s costume collection. :)

IMG 3205

Pumpkin Festival at School

On Friday, October 28th, Emma had a Pumpkin Festival in her classroom!  They were told to dress like a Cowboy or Cowgirl.  Robin, Foster, and I got to go watch her sing several cute Fall songs with her class and then participate in some Pumpkin activities as a family.  We had such a great time!  Emma is really opening up and making some great friends in her classroom and she LOVES her teacher!

IMG 3112  1


IMG 3128  1


Doing the “Chicken Dance” with Mommy! (don’t mind my goofy face.)

IMG 3134

IMG 3141  1

IMG 3157  1


Decorating her pumpking with melted crayon wax

IMG 3166


Letter Ring Toss

IMG 3169

IMG 3176


Walking on the balance beam (and I don’t know who the man is in the background of this picture!)

IMG 3190


Mrs. Bradshaw, Emma, and Mrs. Ingram

IMG 3196  1


Emma and her BFF Aubrey

IMG 3198  1


Emma and Daddy

IMG 3201

Mommy and Emma at 4 years old

Emma got her Pre-K pictures back last week and I had a lot of fun looking at them and comparing them to my pictures when I was her age.  People often say we look just alike, then others tell me she looks just like her Daddy!

What I notice in these pictures… we have the same hair- in between curly and straight with a lot of frizzies and crazy cowlicks.  Hers is definitely a darker blonde.  We both have high foreheads and a widow’s peak.  Same color eyes- hazel.  Same almond-shaped eyes (we get those from my Dad.)  We both have a crooked smile but it’s crooked in a different direction!

IMG 3097  1