Family Get-Together in Waco

On Saturday, we met up with Robin’s family at Red Lobster to celebrate his Granddad’s 85th Birthday which is this week!  They traveled from Lubbock to Waco for Lynnette’s wedding and we were thankful that everyone was able to make it to spend time together.

We had 4 kids 4 and under at the table and it was WILD!

Zane, Pops, Foster, and Gigi… the kids all fought over who got to sit with Pops and Gigi!

IMG 3779


Great-Grandmom, Emma, and Great- Granddad:

IMG 3784


Tommy and Zane… notice Zane’s t-shirt.  He is going to be a big Brother next May!!!!  We are so excited to have another niece or nephew!

IMG 3795


Foster loves Uncle Tommy.  He kept bouncing him on his lap and Foster would come up to him and say, “Tommy jump, jump!”

IMG 3803


Great-Granddad… he will be 85 this week!

IMG 3805

IMG 3815


We gave him a President Obama Birthday card just to be ornery. :)

IMG 3817


After a yummy lunch, several of us took the kids outside to play.  I tried to get some good pics of the cousins playing…

IMG 3823

IMG 3826

IMG 3824

IMG 3837

IMG 3851


Foster and Lylah holding hands. :)

IMG 3860

IMG 3863

IMG 3867


Emma and Zane really adore each other

IMG 3869

IMG 3871

IMG 3872


Foster, Pops, and Lylah

IMG 3874

IMG 3875


Foster and Gigi

IMG 3878


IMG 3879


At the Wedding… I didn’t get a ton of pictures but here are a few.  Emma at the table waiting for the wedding to begin

IMG 3883

IMG 3891


IMG 3900


IMG 3903

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