Foster’s 2nd Birthday Party

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Foster’s actual Birthday is on Thursday, November 17th, but we celebrated a little bit early on Saturday, November 12th.  I decided to have a “Thomas the Train” party because Foster is VERY into Thomas and all things TRAINS.  Rather than serving typical Birthday cake, I chose to make him a waffle Birthday cake because he loves waffles, especially when Daddy makes the real ones rather than the frozen eggo waffles!  My main goal for Foster’s party was just to focus on Foster and see to it that he felt special and loved.  We had our family over and we had an awesome evening together.

One of the most special parts of the day for me was seeing the excitement that Emma had for Foster’s party- she was so excited to surprise him with gifts and decorations.  She could hardly contain her excitement!  She loves him so much!

Foster went down for a nap at about 1:30 on Saturday and while he slept Emma and I decorated the kitchen and Daddy put together Foster’s big gift- a train table complete with train set!

When Foster woke up from his nap I carried him to the kitchen to see the Thomas the Train decorations and the look on his face was so cute!.  He screamed “Thomas, Thomas, Thomas!”  I had put three little wooden trains in the center of the kitchen table and he sat at the table for an hour and a half and played with the trains while I finished getting stuff ready for the party!

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You may notice a bruise on Foster’s forehead in some of these pictures.  Unfortunately Foster ran into a door frame while he and Emma were running through the house on Saturday morning.  This is his first real goose egg… on the day of his 2nd Birthday party!

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Nana and Foster… Foster is saying “Cheeeese” in this picture!

IMG 3530


Looking like a big boy here

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Blurry, grainy picture of Mommy, Foster, and Daddy

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Here is the waffle cake that I put together… made of 3 waffles (made by Daddy) and pastry cream, strawberries, blueberries, powdered sugar, and syrup!  You only live once, right?  Funny thing though…. Foster refused to eat his cake. He wanted a plain waffle!  So we gave him a plain waffle and I had several bites of his cake- it was yummy!

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Judy held Foster while we sang “Happy Birthday” to him

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After we sang Happy Birthday and Emma blew out the candle (because Foster didn’t want to) Foster asked us to sing Happy Birthday to him about 10 more times.  He would look at Nana and say, “Happy Birthday to you Nana?”  Then Nana would start singing and we would all join in.  He got the most adorable, sheepish grin on his face each time we sang to him.  On about the 5th go-round, he started singing with us!  It was a precious moment.

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Sweet sweet big sister Emma

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Foster talking to the stuffed puppy dog- telling him it’s his Birthday.

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Part of the crew… The people who came to the party were: Mommy, Daddy, Emma, Foster, Nana, Judy, Uncle Brandon, Ron, Christi, Haley, and Sara.  I made a breakfast casserole, bacon, and then we had a waffle bar with strawberries, blueberries, pastry cream, whipped cream, bananas, syrup, and powdered sugar!

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Daddy, aka “Professional Waffle Chef.”

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Judy, Ron, and Christi gave Foster his very own Pottery Barn Kids chair so he and Emma don’t have to fight over Emma’s pink chair all the time.  He LOVES his new comfy chair.  The look on his face when he first saw it was adorable!

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One of his presents from Mommy and Daddy was a box of matchbox cars.  He took the time to line them all up on the arms of his new chair.

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Opening the “Thomas the Train” pillow pet from Nana- love his face here!  He loves his Thomas Pillow and carries it everywhere!

IMG 3635


His big gift from us was an Imaginarium train table. Robin put it together earlier in the day and covered it with a sheet in his office.  After all of the other gifts had been opened he and Uncle Brandon carried it into the living room and took the sheet off.  The look on Foster’s face was priceless but we didn’t catch it on camera.  He loves the train table and to my surprise so does Emma.  We spent the last hour of the party watching Foster and Emma play with the trains.

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IMG 3649

It was a special night.  I can’t believe Foster is almost 2 already!  Where did the time go?  I hope your party was everything you dreamed of my little man.

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