Foster’s Real 2nd Birthday

Foster’s “real” Birthday was on Thursday, Nov. 17th.   We had his party the Saturday before but still wanted to make sure he felt super special on his actual Birthday too.  We started the day by waking him up and singing to him while he was still in his crib.  We also brought him breakfast in bed, aka. doughnuts!

IMG 3717

IMG 3721


After we got Foster dressed he dined at the breakfast table.  Here he is sharing his doughnuts with his baby.

IMG 0182


And here is the plate of doughnuts after he was finished with them… he took one bite out of almost every one of them!

IMG 3738


While he was eating his doughnuts he wasn’t sitting in his chair very well and when he reached over to get a doughnut he missed the table, fell out of the chair, and landed on the tile floor.  He bumped his head pretty hard and as a result got a 2nd goose-egg on his head for the week. This time it was on his upper left forehead. The one he got on his actual Birthday was much worse than the one he got on the day of his party.  I guess he is letting us know he is going to be “all boy!”

Foster went to school on Thursday morning and his teachers were very sweet to him.  Then after naps and a fun lazy afternoon at home we met Nana and Daddy at Chuck E. Cheese for an impromptu last minute pizza dinner.  Foster had never been there before!

Here are a couple of pictures of him playing.  At the end of the night, he loved turning in his tickets for prizes. He got a set of Chuck E. Cheese stickers and some smarties.

IMG 0193


Happy 2nd Birthday Foster, we love you so much!

IMG 0196

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