Fun Weekend with friends in Waco

Right after Emma’s Thanksgiving Feast at school on Friday we got on the road to head to Waco.  Robin’s cousin, Lynnette got married in Waco on Saturday night.  We stayed with our good friends, The Kreys for two nights.  They recently moved into a new house and it was beautiful.  The yard is really beautiful and the kids had so much fun playing together outside.  Here are a few pictures from our time in their backyard.  I really wish we had gotten a picture of all of us together… we usually do but it’s getting harder and harder now that we have 5 kids between the two families.

Time for a little half court basketball in our pajamas on Saturday morning…

IMG 3742

IMG 3743


IMG 3746

IMG 3747


IMG 3749

IMG 3751

IMG 3754


Foster loved exploring in the backyard… he kept running around the perimeter of the yard… I guess he was exploring his boundaries!

IMG 3755

IMG 3760

IMG 3762

IMG 3765

Thank you Kreys for your hospitality… you are welcome to come to Tulsa anytime!!!  We’ll be waiting. :)

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