Halloween 2011

How have I gone 2 weeks without posting about our Halloween festivities???  This has been a very busy month!

We had a great Halloween this year.  I feel like we celebrated for a full week!  Emma got to wear her costume to 3 different celebrations so I feel like we really got our money’s worth!

Our first Halloween party was on Tuesday, October 25th at Emma’s good friend Karter’s house.  Karter and her Mommy, Amber, planned a very fun Halloween party complete with crafts, games, and yummy food!  We had such a great time!

Waiting in line to go “fishing”

Photo  1


Foster got to come too!



The whole crew… we made some new friends!

Photo  3

Photo  4


The Sunday night before Halloween we ordered a Jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  It was so yummy and the kids were very excited about it. :)

Photo  10


Emma had dance ON Halloween this year… she got to dress up for Ballet and it was so much fun!  Here are she and Karter before going in to the studio.

Photo  5


The entire ballet class with Miss Keally…such cute costumes!  I’m not sure why Emma is 3 feet away from the rest of the group!

Photo  6

Photo  7


Finally it was time for our actual Haloween night celebration!  We went to Noah’s Ark at our church like we usually do every year (we’ve only missed one year when we were in Waco for Homecoming.)  We took several pictures at home then headed to the church with Aunt Judy and Nana.

Here are my little Monkey and my Minnie Mouse.  I picked out a monkey costume for Foster because he is so attached to his monkey pacifier and his monkey blanket.  Monkeys are kind of his “thing.”  I knew this costume was going to be HOT, but I didn’t anticipate him breaking out in a heat rash… which he did!  I had to take the costume off about 10 minutes after we got to the church. :)  Who knew the temperature would be in the low 70′s on Halloween night!!!

Emma chose Minnie Mouse when we were looking through a costume catalog- she was really set on it.

IMG 3221  Version 2

IMG 3228

IMG 3241


Foster and Emma with Aunt Judy- this is their annual Halloween picture!  Isn’t Judy beautiful?

IMG 3261


Sitting on the driveway, I’m not sure why!

IMG 3278


Annual family pic…

IMG 3319


Foster insisited on bringing his sippy cup in with him to Noah’s Ark.

IMG 3330


Walking onto the Ark!

IMG 3336


What a crew!  Foster, Landon, Emma, and Aubrey

IMG 3349

IMG 3363


IMG 3375


Climbing onto the bounce house

IMG 3402


Wish this wasn’t blurry… this is the annual picture of Mackenzie, Emma, and Aubrey.  (Sweet Madison jumped in too!)

IMG 3404


“The Candy Walk.”

IMG 3408


This is our good friend Cathy.  She works at the church and I’ve known her since I was little.  Her job at Noah’s Ark is to walk around and re-fill the candy buckets at the different games.  Somehow Emma and Aubrey batted their eyes at her and convinced her to give them candy just because! :)

IMG 3427

IMG 3438


Roller coaster rides

IMG 3441

IMG 3444


Love this picture… walking to the car after all of the festivies.  These girls love each other like sisters.

IMG 3446

Whew!  I was exhausted the day after Halloween!  Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks?

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