Pumpkin Festival at School

On Friday, October 28th, Emma had a Pumpkin Festival in her classroom!  They were told to dress like a Cowboy or Cowgirl.  Robin, Foster, and I got to go watch her sing several cute Fall songs with her class and then participate in some Pumpkin activities as a family.  We had such a great time!  Emma is really opening up and making some great friends in her classroom and she LOVES her teacher!

IMG 3112  1


IMG 3128  1


Doing the “Chicken Dance” with Mommy! (don’t mind my goofy face.)

IMG 3134

IMG 3141  1

IMG 3157  1


Decorating her pumpking with melted crayon wax

IMG 3166


Letter Ring Toss

IMG 3169

IMG 3176


Walking on the balance beam (and I don’t know who the man is in the background of this picture!)

IMG 3190


Mrs. Bradshaw, Emma, and Mrs. Ingram

IMG 3196  1


Emma and her BFF Aubrey

IMG 3198  1


Emma and Daddy

IMG 3201

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