Christmas Day!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day!

We let Emma sleep in our room on the floor because she was scared that she might run into Santa if she had to leave her room during the night. :)

She woke up pretty early but we held her off until 8:00 am.  Robin, Emma, and I headed to the living room and opened a few gifts before going to get Foster.  (Emma had a lot more gifts to open than Foster so we figured this would be ok!)  We decided to give one of the kids their big Santa gifts in Arlington when we went to Pops and Gigi’s house because we weren’t sure it would make it to our house by Christmas….more to come on that later!  Santa left Emma a note that he couldn’t fit her “big gift” on his sleigh and would deliver it to Pops and Gigi’s house.

IMG 5255

IMG 5256

IMG 5278


Reading the note from Santa.  By the way… did I mention that Robin got really sick 2 days before Christmas?  We think it was a bad virus or cold.  He felt slightly better on Christmas morning Praise the Lord!  We had all been battling colds.


IMG 5287


Foster’s main gift was a bucket for his matchbox cars… and about 25 new matchbox cars.  He was SO excited!!! (I stole the bucket idea from our friends, the Kreys.)  I had been looking for a good place to put all these cars and I knew he would love taking them out and putting them back in and carrying them all over the house.  Once he saw the cars, he was pretty much done for the morning. He took ever single car out and told us which ones were new. :)

IMG 5307

IMG 5348

IMG 5354

IMG 5364

IMG 5378

IMG 5383


Emma really wanted to pick out a gift for Foster so Robin and Emma went to Target on Chrismtas Eve.  She picked out a Thomas the Train lego set and a Color Wonder set so he could do his own artwork and it wouldn’t be too messy (smart girl!)

IMG 5389

IMG 5397

After we took our time opening presents at our house, we got dressed (well the kids stayed in their P.J.’s) but Robin and I got ready and we all drove to Nana’s house.

Emma and Foster in their Christmas P.J’s at Nana’s house! (you can tell that Foster wasn’t feeling too great.)

IMG 5398

IMG 5408


Of course Foster brought about 7 cars to Nana’s house…

IMG 5416

IMG 5420


Love this picture… some of my very favorite girls… Emma, Nana, Jill, Judy.  I’m so lucky to have my Mom and Judy- they do so much for us and help so much with our kiddos!  But wow, this picture makes me realize I really need to tackle those ‘extra pounds’ after the Holidays.  Oh well.

IMG 5430


Stockings at Nana’s house

IMG 5437


Monkey hat… I love this!

IMG 5442


Foster was very excited about this school bus that was in his stocking!

IMG 5448

IMG 5452

IMG 5455


Emma was so excited about this clock from Aunt Judy.  She has been wanting it for a while.  Not only does it teach kids to tell time, it also lights up different colors according to when it’s bedtime, when it’s ok to get out of bed, etc!  It also plays music!  It is so cool!  She used it on Christmas night and loved it.

IMG 5459


Judy got Foster his very own coloring book and crayons.  He loved them!  Now maybe he won’t draw on Emma’s masterpieces.

IMG 5464


Judy also got Foster this awesome CD player.  This boy LOVES music.  He often runs to Emma’s room to play CD’s on her CD player.  Now he has one of his very own!

IMG 5479


I love this picture of my Mom and Boom.  She ordered this picture of him finishing the Tulsa Run… a huge milestone for him!

IMG 5486


2nd breakfast for Foster…

IMG 5492


I would like to point out that with the hundreds of new gifts that Foster received on Christmas morning… Foster kept running to Nana’s toy closet and pulling out the OLD (as in 35-40 year old) toys that he always plays with when he goes to her house!  These are oldies but goodies!

IMG 5496


Foster loved playing with Ron and Christi!

IMG 5497

IMG 5502


We all had a fit over this wrapping paper that Christi used… isn’t it adorable?

IMG 5505


Foster loved this seek and find book from Nana…

IMG 5513


This was hilarious…. Ron and Judy and Christi gave this James train to Foster… it is battery powered and moves on it’s own.  He was really excited about it when he first opened it.  Then when we put it down on the ground and it started moving he ran into my arms frightened and said “James chasing me!”  Then he asked to see Thomas on my phone- like Thomas was his security blanket!  Now, I am happy to report that he carries James everywhere and loves to watch him travel around the house.  It’s like James is Foster’s new little puppy dog!

IMG 5528

We had an awesome Christmas with my family!  We were very excited to go see The Curry clan in Texas… more Christmas to come!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a wonderful day!  I had worked the night before so I did have to do some cleaning the morning of Christmas Eve to get ready for family.  I also had some last minute gift-wrapping to do!

Here is Emma right before our family came over for Christmas Eve dinner…

IMG 5208

IMG 5209

IMG 5210


We had Ted’s catered for dinner… yummy enchilladas, rice, and beans.  It was very good!  After dinner we played several games- a family favorite is always “Scene It” where you watch movie clips on DVD and answer movie trivia questions.

After games we had peppmermint ice cream with fudge topping (a famly tradition.)

Then Nana let the kids open a gift- Christmas pajamas!

IMG 5232  1


Then Nana read several Christmas books to the kids…

IMG 5243  1


Grainy picture… but here is Nana reading the Night Before Christmas!

IMG 0458


We made cookies to leave for Santa and here are Emma and Daddy writiing their traditional Christmas Eve note to Santa.

IMG 0462

IMG 0469


One of Emma’s friends from school gave everyone some “reindeer food” at their school Christmas party.  So this was our first year to sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn to guarantee that the reindeer would find our house!

IMG 0480

Luckily the kids settled in to bed fairly well so Santa could get to work!

Bass Pro Santa- FAIL!

One thing I like to do every Christmas time is go see Santa Claus at the Bass Pro shop in Broken Arrow.  This Christmas season was so busy and it seemed like we never had a free evening or weekend to go see him.   So… on December 23rd Robin had the day off work and we decided to venture to Bass Pro.

Apparently, a lot of people waited until the last minute to see him!  When we got there we found out the the wait to see Santa was about 2 hours long!!!  I had to work at the hospital that day at 2:00 so it just wasn’t feasible to wait for 2 hours. :(  Emma was pretty disappointed.   We opted to just take some random pictures with snowmen and bass boats!

IMG 5185

IMG 5195

IMG 5201


We made the most of our trip by picking up a Christmas present for Uncle Ron while we were there- a Bass Pro fleece and some fishing lures. :)  We let the kids pick out the lures- Emma picked hot pink!

We promised Emma and Foster that we will make plans to visit Santa early in the season next year!

IMG 5206


On Emma’s actual Birthday, Sunday December 18th, we got to go see the Nutcracker ballet in Tulsa!

I bought Emma a new pretty dress and purse for the special occasion.

IMG 5145  1

IMG 5149  1

IMG 5152  1

IMG 5166


Here is Emma waiting fo the show to start- she was so excited!  Nana, Emma, Aunt Judy!  Fun girls’ day out!!!

IMG 0076

IMG 0077


Sparkly nails for the special occasion!

IMG 0080


After the show, we found our friend, Bo in the lobby!  It was very difficult to get a good picture of them standing together!

IMG 0089


Being silly after the show!

IMG 0090

IMG 0091

IMG 0097

Family Birthday Gifts…

Immediately following Emma’s party at the Little Gym, our immediate family came to our house to open gifts from family.  Nana, Judy, and Ron all came over.

There was a theme to several of her gifts…. she got this beautiful Ballerina jewelry box from Judy, Ron, and Christi…

IMG 5072


Robin and I gave Emma tickets to go see the Nutcracker ballet on her real Birthday with Mommy, Judy, and Nana.     This was a suprise for Emma and she was very excited!

IMG 5076


Ballerina Nutcracker..

IMG 5082


Emma also got a great ivory coat with fur from Nana and some clothes that she loved! (bummed that I didn’t get pictures!)

Judy, Ron, and Christi also gave Emma “Just Dance for Kids” for the Wii.  EmmA and Foster loved playing it that same afternoon- I can tell it’s going to be awesome for this Winter when we are trapped inside!

IMG 5113

IMG 5097

Emma’s 5th Birthday

We celebrated Emma’s 5th Birthday on Saturday, December 17th, the day before her Birthday.  Emma wanted to have a “girl only” party and she invited several close church friends and school friends.  When she went to The Little Gym classes this past summer she decided that she wanted to have her party there so we booked it about 5 months in advance. :)  We went with a pink and green owl theme for her party!  I had the invitations made on ETSY (the picture of Emma on the card was taken by our good friend Kathy Krey- thank you Kathy!)

Lookwho2 Emma


I snapped this picture before we left for the party… Nana got her this cute Hello Kitty outfit and I just couldn’t get over how big she looked!

IMG 4694


There are TONS of pictures from the party…

IMG 4722


forward roll with Adelynn and Maggie watching…

IMG 4723


IMG 4725


IMG 4728

IMG 4741


IMG 4742


This was cute… the hostess asked the girls what they were there celebrating and all of the girls pointed to Emma and said, “Emma’s Birthday!”

IMG 4751


Circle time and introductions…

IMG 4754


Adelynn, Emma, Aubrey…

IMG 4757


Each girl got to show their favorite “trick.”  Emma confidently and proudly did a forward roll! You just never know with Emma… sometimes she is shy and clams up and sometimes she is super confident!

IMG 4762

IMG 4765


Silly games

IMG 4771

IMG 4775

IMG 4776

IMG 4777

IMG 4778

IMG 4790


Balancing on their belly buttons…

IMG 4800

IMG 4809


Quick, everyone dog pile Emma… which was really fun and cute until Emma ended up with a hurt ankle.  She was better in a minute or two!

IMG 4823


Parachute time- Emma was really excited about this…

IMG 4825

IMG 4826

IMG 4833


Emma and Kaycee

IMG 4858


Video of freeze dance


Foster was at the party and had a great time too!  Here he is looking in on all the big kids dancing!

IMG 4869


Emma was very sweet to Foster and kept trying to include him in the activities

IMG 4885

IMG 4886


Foster and Emma

IMG 4911  1


3 little monkeys, hangin’ on the bars…

IMG 4932

IMG 4933


Bouncing on the air track…

IMG 4946



IMG 4949

IMG 4950


The cake!  My good friend, Connie Easterwood, made this adorable cake.  I found a picture on-line of a cake I really liked, I sent her the pic and asked her if she could make something similar.  The cake below is the EXACT cake, even cuter acutally.  It is ALL icing, even the lollipops!  I was kinda sad to cut it and eat it.

IMG 0396

IMG 4702  1


IMG 4703  1


Blowing out candles…

IMG 5009

IMG 5019


Opening gifts… she got some really great new things!

IMG 5027

IMG 5037

IMG 5056

Emma had a great 5th Birthday!  We are so thankful for all of the sweet friends and family who helped her celebrate!  Can’t believe my first-born is FIVE!!!

School Winter Party

Emma’s last day of school before the Christmas break was Friday, December 16th.  Robin and I both got to go to her Winter Party and it was so fun!  The kids sang about 3 fun songs and then we got to go to different tables to play games, do a craft, eat snacks, and more.

IMG 4578  1

IMG 4582  1

IMG 4593


IMG 4598  1


IMG 4613


Emma and Taylor

IMG 4616

IMG 4625  1]

IMG 4627  1


Emma and Lindsey

IMG 4639


Playing Bingo

IMG 4640

IMG 4649


Emma and Aubrey making thier gingerbread craft… I was in charge of this little project. :)

IMG 4655


Emma and her teacher, Mrs. Bradshaw- we LOVE her!

IMG 4685  1


Emma is looking like such a big girl… sniff sniff.

IMG 4691  1

Christmas Choir Performance

On Wednesday, December 14th, Emma had her Christmas choir program at church.  I am one of five teachers in her class and we have had a very fun, eventful semester learning music and having fun!  We have 18 four year olds (some 5 already) in our class and it is always an action packed evening on Wednesdays!

Here is a picture of Emma before we left to go to the church.  Nana helped me spiral curl her hair for her big night!

IMG 4534

IMG 4537


Foster wanted to jump in… Here he is saying “Cheeeeeeese!”

IMG 4541

IMG 4540


Kinlye, Mackenzie, Emma

IMG 4543


IMG 0369


WOW, I look at this picture below and get emotional… several of these kiddos have known each other since they were babies and have literally grown up together.  I’m so thankful for sweet, Christian friendships for both she and Foster.  I also look at the picture below and see all of their true personalities shining through!  Including Emma… why is she sticking her tongue out???!!!

IMG 0376


Mackenzie and Emma:

IMG 4558


Singing on stage!

IMG 4560


I think I see a smile in there….

IMG 4563

IMG 4568

IMG 4565

Birthday Celebration at School

Emma got to celebrate her Birthday at school a few days early, on Tuesday, December 13th.  This week is so busy at school with lots of Christmas celebrations so we decided to celebrate today!  I brought Birthday donuts from OK Donuts.  I decided to suprise Emma with how they were decorated and she was so excited when she saw them!

IMG 0351


It melted my heart to see how excited Emma was to have me in her classroom.  This was the look on her face when she saw me outside her classroom…

IMG 4484

She kept running up to kids in her class saying “My Mommy is right outside in the hall”- she was SO excited!  I couldn’t help but think to myself, “How many years will it be before Emma won’t love having me at her school???”  I pray that she will always love having me around.

I got to the school about 15 minutes before the party.  I loved sitting right oustide the door and watching her interact with her friends.  Here she is playing a pattern game with Taylor and Lindsey.

IMG 4486  1

IMG 4485  1


She came over by the door and played with play dough and kept turning around to giggle at me.

IMG 4493  1


Mrs. Bradshaw had all of the kids come out in the hallway and sit around a placemat.  They sang “Happy Birthday” to Emma and then we served the doughnuts and chocolate milk, Emma’s choice!

IMG 4497  1

IMG 4499

IMG 4502


After the party, Emma got to bring Clifford, the class dog, home with her.  We had to write in a journal what Clifford got to do at our house.  Here are a couple of pictures of Emma showing Clifford around our house!

IMG 4505

IMG 4507