Bass Pro Santa- FAIL!

One thing I like to do every Christmas time is go see Santa Claus at the Bass Pro shop in Broken Arrow.  This Christmas season was so busy and it seemed like we never had a free evening or weekend to go see him.   So… on December 23rd Robin had the day off work and we decided to venture to Bass Pro.

Apparently, a lot of people waited until the last minute to see him!  When we got there we found out the the wait to see Santa was about 2 hours long!!!  I had to work at the hospital that day at 2:00 so it just wasn’t feasible to wait for 2 hours. :(  Emma was pretty disappointed.   We opted to just take some random pictures with snowmen and bass boats!

IMG 5185

IMG 5195

IMG 5201


We made the most of our trip by picking up a Christmas present for Uncle Ron while we were there- a Bass Pro fleece and some fishing lures. :)  We let the kids pick out the lures- Emma picked hot pink!

We promised Emma and Foster that we will make plans to visit Santa early in the season next year!

IMG 5206

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