Birthday Celebration at School

Emma got to celebrate her Birthday at school a few days early, on Tuesday, December 13th.  This week is so busy at school with lots of Christmas celebrations so we decided to celebrate today!  I brought Birthday donuts from OK Donuts.  I decided to suprise Emma with how they were decorated and she was so excited when she saw them!

IMG 0351


It melted my heart to see how excited Emma was to have me in her classroom.  This was the look on her face when she saw me outside her classroom…

IMG 4484

She kept running up to kids in her class saying “My Mommy is right outside in the hall”- she was SO excited!  I couldn’t help but think to myself, “How many years will it be before Emma won’t love having me at her school???”  I pray that she will always love having me around.

I got to the school about 15 minutes before the party.  I loved sitting right oustide the door and watching her interact with her friends.  Here she is playing a pattern game with Taylor and Lindsey.

IMG 4486  1

IMG 4485  1


She came over by the door and played with play dough and kept turning around to giggle at me.

IMG 4493  1


Mrs. Bradshaw had all of the kids come out in the hallway and sit around a placemat.  They sang “Happy Birthday” to Emma and then we served the doughnuts and chocolate milk, Emma’s choice!

IMG 4497  1

IMG 4499

IMG 4502


After the party, Emma got to bring Clifford, the class dog, home with her.  We had to write in a journal what Clifford got to do at our house.  Here are a couple of pictures of Emma showing Clifford around our house!

IMG 4505

IMG 4507

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