Christmas Ballet Performance

I really debtated whether or not to post these photos. On one hand, they break my heart.  On the other hand, they make me giggle a little bit.  I know one day Emma will probably be really mad at me for posting these.  However, I decided that it’s part of her story and since this blog is my journal, I decided to include them.

Emma’s ballet/jazz class performed their Christmas dances for famly and friends last Monday afternoon.  She has done so well this year and I absolutely love her teacher, Miss Keally.  She is so good with the girls and teaches them so much.  She has so much fun with her good friend, Karter, from church. On occasion, they get “talked to” for giggling and talking when they are supposed to be listening. :)

They have been working on their Christmas songs for several weeks.  I try to observe through the windows in between chasing Foster in the waiting room and she has done such a great job with the dances… UNTIL observation day.  Robin and Aunt Judy took off work to come and Foster and I were there as well.  The room was FULL of parents with cameras and I think Emma was very overwhelmed.  :(  Just take a look at the picture below and you will see!

IMG 4398  1

The music started and Emma just kind of froze.  Every once in a while she tried to dance a little bit but she was just so overwhelmed!  (we also had to chuckle a little bit because her belly button was peaking through that leotard!)

IMG 4400  1

IMG 4402  1


Judy, Robin, and myself all kept trying to give Emma encouragment.  We would flash smiles, thumbs up, etc. Judy and I even trying to mimick some of the dance moves so she would follow us!  I’m sure we looked absolutely hilarious.  Part of me just wanted to go rescue her.  Part of me wanted to laugh.  Robin said he truly FELT for her because he remembers feeling the same way as a child.  Emma and her Daddy are a lot alike. :)  He gets very overwhelmed by social situations, or at least he did as a kiddo.  She is also a lot like me in that I study every person in the room and evaluate everything going on around me.  Poor girl!

IMG 4405  1


IMG 4406  1

After one of the songs there was a little break and I quickly hugged Emma and gave her a little pep talk.  She did do a tiny bit better after that.

IMG 4395  1

IMG 4411


IMG 4414

IMG 4393  1

This picture cracks me up.  Ashley is the girl in the front- she is very dramatic with her dancing. Then there is poor sweet Emma in the back, just frozen.

IMG 4422  1


Here is the finale pose. They were supposed to strike a pose at the very end.  Here is her pose… hands half-way up, not overly commited to the pose!  I love this girl so much!

IMG 4445

After the dance they had a little party with yummy cookies and drinks.

I didn’t get any pictures because I was busy recovering from my mini heart attack!

After the party we got home and got Foster down for a nap and then I sat down and talked to Emma heart to heart.  I told her how proud I was of her for dancing.  I asked her how she felt during the performance and she said, “Mommy, there were just so many people there.”  It broke my heart.

I know that this is just part of who Emma is and it’s one of the things that makes me love her so much!

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